The six news you should know today, Thursday, January 2

1. ERC boasts that the PSOE assumes that Catalonia is a political subject. «Sanchez has agreed in writing that what comes out of the negotiating table be submitted to the vote of the citizens of Catalonia. It is not yet a referendum on independence but it is a first step in this direction, because a vote of this nature recognizes us as a political subject ». This central idea substantiates the support of the ERC negotiators to the investiture of Pedro Sánchez and thus they will sell it to their bases: as a further, and especially significant, step towards self-determination. “The semantics are important,” they add: “The PSOE has spent 15 days saying that there is a conflict between Catalans to recognize that there is a problem of a political nature.”

2. The silence or the threat of talking about the heavyweights of the Government of Evo Morales. The road from El Alto airport to La Paz is dotted with unthinkable graffiti less than three months ago. «Evo murderer», «Evo thief», «Narco dictator». The people of the MAS (Movement To Socialism) would have erased them in the blink of an eye, if it weren’t because the party is no longer what it was and its future could be as uncertain as that of the former ministers who could not escape Bolivia and remain in the Mexican Embassy.

3. The 2020 of the Pope: fight against abuse, reform of the Curia and economic “cleaning”. As soon as his most traveling year has ended, with seven international tours, Pope Francis begins a 2020 marked by challenges in his own home such as finishing mobilizing some episcopates in the fight against sexual abuse, promulgating the reform of the Vatican Curia, and putting order in finance, suffering from lack of control and corruption. On the external front, China, Germany, Amazonia and Indonesia will consume much of their efforts. Next February marks the first year of the first “summit” of presidents of the 114 episcopal conferences around the world to boost the fight against sexual abuse of minors, and it will be the time for a first balance in public.

4. The escape of the Renault and Nissan expatriate’s film: three months, two planes and a Gregorian singing concert. A film leak for one of the biggest names in the car industry. Carlos Ghosn, former president of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, left Japan on November 29, where he was held under judicial investigation, and appeared in his adopted homeland, Lebanon, to the surprise and fury of the Japanese authorities. It is still clear whether Ghosn, who had his three passports removed and was under close surveillance by the Japanese authorities, managed to abandon his house arrest in Tokyo and leave the country. According to Reuters, he would have had the help of a private security company formed by former soldiers, and would have left Japan flying to Beirut via Istanbul on a charter flight.

5. Nine detainees and four wounded after a slashing brawl in Tetouan. A brawl in the district of Tetouan yesterday left four wounded, one of them seriously; and nine arrested. The events took place around 8 pm when, for reasons that are still under investigation, a strong fight broke out at the street of Jerónima Llorente, 17. The Samur-Civil Protection personnel, who attended a scene, moved to the site. 39-year-old man with two stab wounds on one side and back. He was taken in serious condition to the Hospital of La Paz. The toilets also transferred three other people, two men and one woman, with minor injuries from cuts in hands and head.

6. This is the hard rehabilitation of Marco Asensio: motorized water belt, anti-gravity machine and 8 hours of daily work. After 163 days of the important injury suffered in preseason, Marco Asensio has released 2020 with good news. The Balearic, even if only with the right leg, touches the ball. It is the last and hopeful advance of the slow and complex process of recovery of the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and the external meniscus of his left knee, which occurred during the friendly against Arsenal on July 23 of last year, during the American tour of the Madrid. .

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