The six news you should know today, Tuesday April 21

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1. SMEs explode: 86% see their survival at risk if the hiatus continues. SMEs are suffering the ravages of the crisis. Almost all of them (86%) think that if the economic slowdown continues, their survival is at risk. This is reflected in the second opinion barometer #LaPymeHabla made by Cepyme, the employers of small and medium-sized companies, which shows that almost six out of ten SMEs say that after a year their workforce will decrease. Small entrepreneurs “are now much more pessimistic than in March,” said the president of this business organization, Gerardo Cuerva, yesterday.

2. At least 102 toilets in isolation after using the defective government masks. The Supreme Court yesterday issued an order that obliges the Government to adopt “all the measures within its reach so that the best distribution of the means of protection of health professionals takes place.” The Executive will have to account for how it does it: the High Court imposes that the Ministry of Health report every fifteen days to the Administrative Litigation Chamber of the “concrete” initiatives it has adopted, expressly indicating “the means of protection put into provision of health professionals and their effective distribution ”.

3. Pharmacists demand that the price of masks be regulated at source. The masks, which until just over a month ago, were part of a solely sanitary scenario, today become as essential as bread or rice. Products of first necessity that, unlike those of the supermarket, are scarce. Today the government should stipulate a maximum price at which they can be dispensed, but the accounts are complicated. For starters, the masks bear 21% VAT -medicines have 4% -. “Pharmacies also pay the Equivalence Surcharge that depends on VAT; that is, a mask is taxed at 21%, plus the 5.2% surcharge: 26.2%. I think that in this state of alarm VAT should be lowered, “remarks a Valencian pharmacist.

4. The Government rejects in hours its plan to guarantee the presence of the PP in the pacts. Passed
10 o’clock in the morning when an email reached the parties that had agreed to sit at the Reconstruction Table. In it they were asked to block their agendas for a first meeting today of that extra-parliamentary forum. At 18:00 a message from the same issuer canceling the meeting. What happened in between was the conversation between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Casado in which the Prime Minister agreed to the change in format that the opposition leader demanded. In the PP they did not hesitate yesterday to describe as “success” the foreseeable constitution of a parliamentary commission, which replaces Sánchez’s “extra-parliamentary” table, an option that, according to the popular opinion, was “totally unfeasible”.

5. Trump announces the closure of the US to all immigrants due to the coronavirus crisis. The President of the United States announced Monday night that he “temporarily suspends immigration” to reduce the spread of coronavirus and preserve employment due to the closure of factories and shops across the country. There are currently no more details of that plan to close borders than the imminent signing of a decree for that purpose, the existence of which Donald Trump revealed on the social network Twitter. As the president said last night: “In light of the attack by the invisible enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American citizens, I will sign an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration to the US”

6. The shadow of a positive flies over the ACB tournament. It is hard to see the ACB clubs rowing all in unison, since most of the time the conflicting interests of the different teams make it impossible to make any important decision in the Assembly. Perhaps for this reason, the agreement reached yesterday unanimously – at least, from doors to the outside – represents its relevance. An express way to decide the Endesa League champion, with a two-week tournament to be played in a single venue among the twelve best teams. Fourteen days of competition that would begin at the end of June as long as the health situation allowed. Green light that the Government must give before the end of May, because that month marks the deadline for this new system to be launched or the season to be declared null. .


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