The skin color of the sons of the British Prince and his wife, the conversation is not with the Queen and his wife = Mr. Winfrey –BBC News

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1 hour ago

Oprah Winfrey, the U.S. host who interviewed Prince Harry and Queen Megan of the United Kingdom, said that royal officials were concerned about “how black it would be” about the skin color of the son who was born. The royal family member was neither Queen Elizabeth nor her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh.

I spoke to moderator Gale King on a morning information program on CBS.

In an interview, Mr. Megan said that a royal official mentioned the color of his son’s skin, and then asked Winfrey, “Can you tell me who you are talking to?” , “I think they will be hit hard if I say that.”

“I didn’t say who was in the conversation,” Winfrey said in an information program.

“I didn’t reveal who he was, but I wanted my grandmother and grandfather to know that I wasn’t involved in those conversations, and I wanted them to spread to me if I had the opportunity. “.

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