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The “small funnels”, the difficult journey of a new type of pasta

by archyde

Flavia Valentini, a nurse living near Bologna, has achieved a rare feat: inventing and marketing a new type of pasta: “little funnels”. As we are told The print, innovating in this saturated market is not easy and requires know-how. And a little luck.

Great inventions always require a small dose of chance. And that of Flavia Valentini is no exception. Indeed, as the story goes The print, to create the imbutini, the “little funnels”, a new type of pasta that is starting to be marketed in Italy, this nurse needed a little help from fate.

About seven years ago, Flavia Valentini, who lives near Bologna, is walking around a flea market when she sees a strange object. It is an artisanal tool that is used to cut fresh pasta to prepare orecchiette (pasta in the shape of small ears). Flavia Valentini ships it for 8 euros and starts trying it at home.

“Like the Harry Potter hat”

“But once she starts cutting the dough, explains the Turin daily, she realizes that the object creates ‘discs’ too large to form orecchiette. Flavia Valentini then tries to close these bits of dough,



Created in 1895, The print is both Turin’s main newspaper and one of the country’s best-selling dailies. Liberal in orientation, this medium is more at the center of the political spectrum. We find in its columns at the same time


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