The smaller notch of the iPhone 13 compared to that of the iPhone 12 in photos

New photos show the difference between the smaller notch of the iPhone 13 and that of the iPhone 12. As we can see, there is indeed a gain in level of occupied space.

Comparison between the notch of the iPhone 13 and that of the iPhone 12

The holes on the smaller notch confirm the presence of multiple sensors. It’s no surprise now, Apple’s next phone will still have its TrueDepth system for Face ID. The real change is the narrower notch. On the other hand, this should be slightly higher than the current model. Also, the speaker will be located on the top of the smartphone, instead of being in the notch.

In any case, it will be interesting to see if Face ID in the iPhone 13 will see an evolution (faster, greater angle, etc.). Some rumors indicate also that Apple will offer this year Touch ID under the screen, in addition to facial recognition. This type of authentication would be nice in this period of pandemic and wearing of masks.

Beyond the smaller notch, the iPhone 13 should take the general design of the iPhone 12. Also, Apple intends to offer four models: one of 5.4 inches, two of 6.1 inches and one of 6. , 7 inches. The 5.4-inch model should be gone, however. from 2022 with the iPhone 14.

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