The smart, elegant and connected SUV

Ford today unveiled the stylish and distinctive lineup of the all-new Ford Kuga, featuring a sleek new exterior design with premium proportions that deliver enhanced roominess and comfort.

The all-new Kuga offers even more intuitive comfort and driver assistance features. Sophisticated technologies include a wireless charging cradle and Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system paired with an 8-inch center touchscreen allow drivers to manage traffic with complete confidence. The high-performance B&O audio system offers a high-quality audio experience.

“The all-new Kuga is our best example to date of Ford’s human-centered design philosophy; developed in close collaboration with customers to deliver distinctive styling, premium comfort and cutting-edge technologies that make life easier for owners inside and outside the car ” said Achraf El Boustani, Managing Director of Ford Afrique Direct Markets.

“Kuga customers have said they are ready for an even more emotional design and our new Kuga is a skillfully articulated sculpture. Visually more elegant, lower and wider, it is harmonious and airy, it combines high-end materials, precise know-how and cutting-edge technology ”, he added.

The all-new Kuga is the third generation of the Ford SUV for Moroccan customers, since the model launched in 2009.

Designed by our clients

The all-new Kuga is the first SUV to be based on Ford’s new global C2 architecture which enables improved aerodynamics for better fuel efficiency and reduced weight by up to 90kg compared to outgoing models; offers 10% more torsional stiffness for improved driving dynamics and refinement and creates more interior space for Ford models while allowing for expressive and dynamic design.

The all-new Kuga features a distinctive new exterior design that is more sculpted and streamlined with premium proportions. A slimmer silhouette incorporates a longer wheelbase that creates a larger footprint on the road, promoting handling and stability: a longer hood, a steeper rear windshield angle and a lower roofline. The result is a more energetic and agile appearance than ever before.

Powertrain diversity

The Kuga will launch with two powerful and efficient turbo diesel engine options designed to deliver exceptional ride refinement and extraordinary range, meaning you’ll go further with every fill-up.

Ford’s 1.5-liter EcoBlue engine is offered with 120 hp and is expected to deliver fuel efficiency of 4.8 l / 100 km and CO emissions2 of 127 g / km thanks to innovative technologies, in particular uLow pressure exhaust gas recirculation combined with cooling the water-air charge for even more efficient combustion and reduced emissions.

Also, an integrated intake manifold for optimized engine breathing, ulow inertia turbo-compression for faster and more controllable turbo response, with rocket motor materials designed for high temperature applications, and un a more responsive, quieter and more precise high-pressure fuel injection system.

The top-of-the-range ST-Line models feature a 2.0-liter, 190-hp EcoBlue engine that delivers 5.7 l / 100 km fuel efficiency and CO emissions2 of 150 g / km. ST-Line models feature intelligent AWD all-wheel drive and optimize the balance between refinement and performance, delivering jerk-free and linear acceleration for a more comfortable driving experience.

The Kuga offers a choice of six-speed manual transmission or the new eight-speed quick-change automatic transmission. Designed to further optimize energy efficiency and responsive performance, the system operates using two new technologies: Adaptive shift programming, which evaluates individual driving styles to optimize shift timing. The system can identify uphill and downhill gradients and tight turns, and adjust gear changes accordingly for a more stable, engaging and refined driving experience.

Adaptive Shift Quality Control, which evaluates vehicle and environmental information to help adjust clutch pressure for smooth gear changes. The technology also allows the flexibility of shifting to be adapted to the driving style.

The Ford Kuga also offers for the first time Selectable Drive Mode technology that allows drivers to adjust throttle response, steering weight and traction control, as well as gear timings, to match responses and performance to driving scenarios.

In addition to Normal, Sport and Eco modes, Slippery Mode gives drivers increased confidence on low-grip surfaces such as snow and ice. Deep snow / sand mode helps maintain vehicle speed on soft, sagging surfaces.

Comfort, space and flexibility

Comfort, space and flexibility are key elements of the more refined Ford Kuga occupant experience, which provides second-row roominess that is class-first. The all-new Ford Kuga is 44mm wider and 89mm longer compared to the outgoing model, while the wheelbase has increased by 20mm. Inside, this gives 43mm of extra shoulder room and 57mm of hip room in the front seats compared to the outgoing model, while rear passengers get 20mm of extra shoulder room and 36 mm at the hips. Despite being 20mm lower overall height than the outgoing model, the all-new Kuga also offers an additional 13mm of headroom for front seat occupants and 35mm in the rear.

For rear passengers, the entire second row of seats can be moved rearward for best-in-class rear 1,035mm rear legroom, or forward to increase l 67-liter trunk load space. And depending on the version, a remote release function makes it easy to fold the second row flat, creating a total cargo space of 1,530 liters.

The trunk also features a reversible trunk mat with high-grade velor on one side for a premium look and feel, and a durable and sturdy rubber surface on the other to keep dusty and sandy gear out of the way. dirty the inside.

A power-operated Vista panoramic roof gives occupants a real sense of space. It’s 20% wider than the outgoing model to better illuminate and ventilate the interior, giving front passengers a power moonroof and rear passengers their own personal skylight.

Spacious, practical and well connected – the all-new interior of the Ford Kuga features innovative engineering as well as cutting-edge comfort and convenience technologies that allow the vehicle to fit seamlessly into customers’ lives.

In addition, to help drivers stay connected on the move and avoid a tangle of cables in the center console, a new wireless charging cradle under the dashboard allows occupants to easily charge compatible smartphones. The base automatically detects compatible devices to start charging.

Devices can stay connected via Bluetooth to Ford’s SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system while using wireless charging, which is supported by a central 8-inch touchscreen that can be operated using pinch gestures and sweeping. SYNC 3 allows drivers to control audio, navigation and air conditioning functions as well as connected smartphones with simple voice commands. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is included.

A new 12.3-inch fully digital instrument panel is available on the Titanium and ST-Line trim models and is the industry’s first to use free-form technology that allows for curved top edges for a seamless interior design. The free-form panel features integrated circuits throughout the display, allowing designers to mold it into shapes beyond the traditional rectangular design.

In addition, the digital instrument panel generates detailed, high-definition and more intuitive images and icons displayed in the full color spectrum, making them brighter, less tiring on the eyes and easier to read.

A new B&O audio system will allow occupants to fully enjoy the music played by their smartphones. Powerful 575-watt 10-speaker system ensures smooth bass output, while the position of the tweeters in the instrument cluster have been optimized to produce a wider soundstage at the seats for an enveloping listening experience for all occupants. Full static and dynamic sound tuning ensures that the listening experience is maintained regardless of the driving conditions.

Technologies that inspire confidence

The all-new Ford Kuga further enhances the SUV driving experience with an array of advanced driver assistance technologies designed to give drivers confidence behind the wheel and help them stay focused while on the move.

Sophisticated technologies improve protection, driving and parking, and are designed to make the driving experience more comfortable, less demanding and safer.

First, the Evasive Steering Assist, designed to operate at city and highway speeds, which uses radar and a camera to detect slower, stationary vehicles ahead and provides steering assistance to enable drivers to maneuver around a vehicle in the event of an imminent collision.

Also, lane keeping assistance which actively helps the driver to return the vehicle safely to the right lane by “pushing” the steering wheel in the right direction, but alsoRear wide-angle cameras that provide a 180-degree view of the rear of the vehicle for improved visibility when reversing or exiting a parking spot or driveway.

Anti-glare high beams take the guilt out of accidentally dazzling other drivers and help improve nighttime road visibility, with headlights using an innovative adjustable drum configuration for better flexibility and smoother, less transitions. annoying.

“The Kuga has established itself in the SUV category in Morocco thanks to its robustness and its handling qualities. The all-new Kuga clearly goes upmarket, thanks to a pure and sober design, which will win a consensus among customers, and a quality of finish worthy of premium vehicles ” said Abdelouahab Ennaciri, Managing Director of Scama.

“The diverse range that we are launching, as well as the generous equipment, right from the entry level, will certainly ensure the success of the new Kuga”, he added.

The all-new Ford Kuga is available in versions: Trend, Trend Plus, Titanium, Titanium X and ST-Line. The 8-speed E-Shifter gearbox is available from the Trend Plus version.

The range introduced is very rich in equipment from the Trend version which offers: LED signature front lights, 8-inch touch screen compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, cruise control, ESP, 7 airbags, electric rear windows, Ford Keyless (starting keyless) and many other equipment.

The Brand New Kuga is now available in all Scama showrooms across Morocco.

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