The smell of new in a dangerous car?

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This study, conducted by the University of California, Riverdale, aimed to find certain everyday objects that could have carcinogenic properties.

And it was not lacking with new cars. Indeed, the smell that some appreciate so much is due to a principle of degassing. The materials used in the interior work their way through the air and blend together to create what one can smell for weeks after buying a new car.

The two culprits are mainly benzene and formaldehyde. These two components are on a list of 65 known carcinogens in California and are present at abnormally high levels in some cars.

Solutions are possible

Of course, not everyone exposed to this type of mixture will necessarily suffer from it. But that could well increase the risks.

Faced with this, several solutions are being considered. Among them, changing the materials used by car manufacturers. Of course, this is not going to happen overnight, but if this study were to gain momentum. It would be an alternative to be seriously studied.

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