the Snape Care app helps you with your small repairs

There’s a new service called Snape Care to help you pay for auto repair costs that have literally skyrocketed: + 6% in one year for a simple revision. This service is aimed at all those who, for example, scratched their car this summer by making a niche, it happens even to the best. And because insurance does not cover these little daily addicts, many motorists hesitate to have it repaired. From now on, a French company will help you repair these minor injuries quickly.

The French company at the origin of this service is called Albax, based in Nice, was created 42 years ago. A very practical service because the repair budget continues to climb. It’s simple, almost all positions are blazing, up to 34% increase for the shock absorbers. As for the most common works: the revision and air conditioning recharge, average prices rise respectively 6 and 26%. Figures that are the result of an investigation by the site ID garage which for the fourth consecutive year has peeled millions of quotes.

The other lesson of this survey is that prices vary greatly from one region to another, 62 euros difference for the same services, with an average price of 240 euros. It is in Franche-Compté and Occitanie that you will pay the most, with + 6% and + 3% respectively than the average. On the other hand, for once Ile-de-France does not look like a bad student. But beware, there are strong disparities between the departments. It’s 11% cheaper in Seine-Saint-Denis, but + 4% in Paris and + 9% in Yvelines.

Snape Care helps you with “little ailments”

The bigger it is, the more expensive it is, unsurprisingly, the size of the vehicle affects the cost of maintenance, but not that much in the end. Let us take two models at Renault for example: 218 euros for the revision of a Twingo, and barely 30 euros more for a Scénic. Good news according to the survey, post-containment resumption of activity did not give rise to a surge in prices in the workshops.

To preserve their purchasing power, more and more motorists are reluctant to have their car repaired, especially the body. However scratches and other scratches can quickly annoy. The company Albax in Nice has therefore launched an application called Snape Care. “It is a solution for the minor ailments of everyday life”, explains Céline Aluni commercial director. “We’re talking about the little stripe, in these cases, I go to the site, I enter four photos of the vehicle and the license plate and I receive a quote within 3 working hours, ”she explains.

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