The socio-economic crisis worsens in Lebanon, children victims of malnutrition

The consequences of the economic and financial crisis that has hit Lebanon for more than two years are terrible for children. And this, while the prices of drugs have exploded and the national currency continues its free fall.

The scathing observation of the representative in Lebanon of the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), Yukie Mokuo, “Shows how much the UN organization is worried about the children of a Lebanon in crisis and whose situation is deteriorating rapidly”, writes the Lebanese newspaper L’Orient-Le Jour.

Expressing deep concern “For their nutrition, their health, their education [et] their protection ”, Mokuo points out that “Their future is at stake today”.

Lebanon has been plunged, for more than two years, into one of the three worst crises the world has known since the middle of the 19th century, according to the World Bank, aggravated by an unprecedented political crisis and the indifference of its leaders . All the children of the country, “Whether Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians or others”, suffer from it, underlines L’Orient-Le Jour.

Hundreds of thousands of them go to bed hungry at night. Others do not have access to education, but have to work to support their families. Still others are victims of an increase in cases of violence, abuse and exploitation, given the worsening of family situations. ”

Dramatic deterioration of living conditions

In a report published Monday, November 22, Unicef ​​gives several figures, which the entire Lebanese press echoed, showing “A spectacular deterioration of living conditions” children, in just a few months.

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