The “Soko Linz” determined at the crime scene Attersee

Filming for the second season of the ORF/ZDF crime series with Katharina Stemberger and Daniel Gawlowski

Vienna (OTS) During the current shooting of the second season of the ORF/ZDF crime series, the “Soko Linz” is looking for clues on and around Lake Attersee. After a successful series start in ORF 1, the Austrian-German team of the police cooperation center has been in front of the camera for 13 new, cross-border cases since the beginning of May 2022. And if the hunt for criminals wasn’t challenging enough, Katharina Stemberger, Daniel Gawlowski, Anna Hausburg, Alexander Pschill and Damyan Andreev also have their hands full in their private lives. But nothing can shake the joke, the Austro-German friendship and the cohesion in the team so quickly.

As usual, Miriam Hie and Paula Hainberger are in front of the camera again this time. Episode roles include Stefano Bernardin, Miriam Fussenegger, Birgit Linauer, Aleksandar Petrovic, Jakob Seeböck, Katharina Straßer, Dominik Warta and Johannes Zeiler. The second season, which is expected to be shot by the end of September, was directed by Kim Strobl, Martin Kinkel and Claudia Jüptner-Jonstorff based on screenplays by Alrun Fichtenbauer, Ralph Werner, Harald Haller, Verena Kurth, Stefan Hafner and Thomas Weingartner. Nicola Dörper, Hubert Eckert, Jeanet Pfitzer, Frank Koopmann and Roland Heep. Filming will take place in and around Linz – including in the Attersee lake district, in the Eferding Basin and in the new medical campus of Kepler University – and for the first time in the Czech Republic. The second season of “Soko Linz” is to be shown on ORF 1 in 2023. “Soko Linz” is a co-production between ORF and ZDF, produced by Gebhardt Productions with the support of the state of Upper Austria. The second season is also manufactured according to the guidelines of the Austrian eco-label.

Economics Minister Markus Achleitner: “‘Soko Linz’ again supported with economic development”

“It is gratifying that with the second season of the TV crime series ‘Soko Linz’, Upper Austria is again given the opportunity to present its many facets and interesting sides to a broad television audience. As the filming at Lake Attersee shows, ‘Soko Linz’ not only makes the Upper Austrian provincial capital visible on the television screens, but also other regions of our state. In addition, the filming of the 13 episodes of the second season can again be expected to result in high added value for Upper Austria as a location. In the first season, the economic development of the state of Upper Austria amounting to 500,000 euros was offset by economic effects for Upper Austria of around two million euros – through overnight stays and catering to many other expenses for the film team. In addition to the presentation of our federal state, this is another important reason why the state of Upper Austria is again supporting the second season of the TV series ‘Soko Linz’ with economic development of 500,000 euros.”

ORF television film director Katharina Schenk: “New Pages”

“With the first season, the ‘Soko Linz’ team was able to quickly gather a loyal audience. In the second season, both the characters and their ‘territory’ are allowed to show completely new sides. It will really be worth being on ORF 1 at the beginning of 2023!”

Producer Florian Gebhardt: “Crime thriller against the impressive backdrop of our country”

“The second ‘Soko Linz’ season offers the audience – not least thanks to the business development agency of the state of Upper Austria – a particularly wide variety of social, architectural and scenic settings. The shooting under and above the water of Lake Attersee is one example of the large investigative radius in which the team led by Katharina Stemberger and Daniel Gawlowski is moving this time, and promises crime thrillers against the impressive backdrop of our country.”

Katharina Stemberger: “We travel a lot outside of Linz”

When asked what the audience can expect from the new episodes, Katharina Stemberger – once again playing the role of Chief Inspector Joe Haizinger – said: “In the second season we have the opportunity to learn even more about the characters and their private backgrounds to experience. The falls are very dense, and this time we are out and about a lot outside of Linz. We’re also shooting at Lake Attersee – a very complicated case where you can see this incredibly beautiful area. Filming there was great, but also difficult because you want to be jumping in the water all the time, which of course you can’t do.”

Daniel Gawlowski: “Every outside shoot is a huge pleasure”

“Even more action, suspense, conflicts, personal stories of the various characters and dealing with very topical issues,” promises Daniel Gawlowski, who is again in front of the camera as Chief Inspector Ben Halberg, for the second season. “We shot an episode at Lake Attersee, but even though it’s always great to get out of the studio and out of town, you can’t overlook the logistical and organizational effort involved. But of course the area around Lake Attersee is amazing, and it’s wonderful to sit by the lake, look at the mountains and hear the birds chirp. For me, every outdoor shoot is a huge pleasure, an idyll that I only know from certain corners of Germany, while here it comes in concentrated form.”

To get in the mood for the new season, all previous episodes of “Soko Linz” can be streamed on Flimmit (

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