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The sound of the most epic victories of the Spanish Tercios: their 14 key moments



The Tercios have become the figurehead of Spanish greatness. Their three centuries of military supremacy in Europe, their courage and their victories have turned them into a mirror to look at. They have that ‘something’ that dazzles large, medium and small. But nevertheless, Sergio Lara, leader of the ‘The Uro Symphony‘, he is convinced that we still have a lot to investigate about the Roman legions of the Hispanic Monarchy. Among many other things, what their victories sounded like. For this reason, his group has joined a mammoth project:
‘Thirds. El Frente Hispánico ‘, which these days raises funds through the Verkami platform.

As Lara himself reveals to ABC, ‘Thirds. The Hispanic Front‘consists of several legs.

The first is a book in which 14 great authors have explained the moments that changed the history of these units. The second, in which he participates, is the elaboration of a sound band formed by eighteen songs that put music to these episodes. Another way of bringing history closer to society and that helps to see – or, rather, listen to – the already famous battles of Pavia or Empel. At the moment, the Verkami has already raised 13,000 euros.

«Any contribution is vital. Looking ahead to 2022 we will premiere a show in theaters that will include music, fencing exhibitions … Everything necessary to represent the Tercios », he confirms.

Why and how was the project born?

Our previous work, ‘Blas de Lezo-Invictus‘, set the bar very high for us. We made the figure of Blas de Lezo known to many people, and we did it through, above all, music, something that no one had done. It was a great critical and public success for us. The new play was quite a challenge. It had to be something spectacular, so we brought together for the first time the best writers on Spanish chronicles and historical novels (such as Jose Javier Esparza, Carlos Canales The Fernando Martínez-Laínez) to talk about the Thirds.

Thus, we have created the largest work written about the Spanish Tercios compiling their origin, their most important battles and the advances that made them the military benchmark for all the armies of the world. To accompany the work, The Uro Symphony has composed an original soundtrack consisting of 18 orchestrated songs full of power and epic.

Why have you chosen these fourteen battles?

They are not just battles, we have chosen the 14 best episodes of the almost three centuries of existence of this military body. For example ‘The Spanish Way‘, written by Fernando Martínez-Laínez, The ‘Flanders‘ from Alex Claramunt. As it well says Jose Javier Esparza, who also participates in the work, “that indisputable physical courage and that overwhelming combativeness would have been of little use if they had not been involved in two things of the greatest importance: intelligence and ethical sense.”

What battle do you think marked the fate of the Tercios?

The battle of Ceriñola, undoubtedly. The Tercios are presented by the hand of the Great Captain. They are a lethal machine that they fight like nobody had done before, strength, intelligence, dynamism.

Let’s talk about San Quentin … How important was the imperial coup of Philip II for the French?

For the French it was a catastrophe, about 9,000 men died and 8,000 more were imprisoned. For the imperial horns, on the other hand, they did not reach 2,000. TO Philip II The possibility of conquering Paris was opened to him, and after it, practically all of Europe. He could do it… but he didn’t.

Jemmingen stands out… What was its significance and how did the Duke of Alba win this contest?

Well, despite being a great victory, I would say proud, nobody imagined that this war would last almost a century more. With respect to Duke of Alba, his great experience and expertise made him understand the situation and read the mind, so to speak, of Luis De Nassau. He was sure that the Tercios would hold out and that the Dutchman would solve it with a disorderly maneuver. He appeared on the scene when he had to. In our new work, the author of this chapter is the great teacher Hugo A. Cañete, where he will show you the significance of this battle.

Are there only big wins?

The Tercios have so few defeats and so many deeds and epics to tell that we are not going to be the ones to talk about them.

Let’s go with the music… What are the melodies made for this project inspired by?

In the deeds, the camaraderie and bravery of the most audacious, feared and respected soldiers in all of history.

Do we know today what the music played by the Tercios was like during their three centuries of existence?

The songs that they sang are hardly preserved to this day. A shame

What has been the greatest difficulty in creating these melodies?

The difficulty has been in transmitting the different emotions that could be experienced in its great moments, such as putting the soundtrack to the battle of Lepanto. It’s hard to imagine Juan from Austria oh Cervantes in those moments of struggle and glory. The Spanish Way, that logistical feat that was traveling from Milan to Brussels, traveling more than 1,600 km and transporting a military contingent of that caliber, has been another challenge. Also feel the resistance and courage in Castelnuovo knowing they were going to die. The difficulty is there, in turning those emotions into music, that you can feel something like this by listening to this soundtrack.


Do they have vintage instruments, or has the music been reinterpreted for current instruments?

We have the classical formation of a rock group (guitars, bass, drums, violin and keyboard) plus a classical orchestra to give life to the most cinematic passages of the work in the style of the great soundtracks, such as Morricone The Vangelis.

What is historical about each of the melodies? What ‘melodic tricks’ are used to musically represent a battle?

There are no tricks, it is simply to capture and feel what happened in those great feats and transmit sensations through music.

How was your previous work on Blas de Lezo received and what impact do you hope to have?

It was a great critical and public success. It meant a whole breath of fresh air when it came to unveiling a figure of the stature of Blas de Lezo. It is the first time that the story was told like this, through a symphonic rock show including theater, fencing and more artistic disciplines. For us it was a great pride to make known to so many people a hero like Blas de Lezo, and with our new work ‘Tercios: el Frente Hispánico’ we hope to be up to the task. We have surrounded ourselves with the best possible team.

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