The Spanish government raises fewer Social Security contributions for companies that train their ERTO workers

The Spanish government has proposed this Sunday to the unions a new scheme to extend the temporary employment regulation (ERTO) files, in which more Social Security exemptions are offered to companies that train their workers suspended from work .

Specifically, UGT sources have explained that the executive has summoned them to an emergency meeting this afternoon in which the government has offered, within the ERTOs of limitation of activity, 20% exemptions for companies with more than ten workers who do not offer training to their employees and 50% if they provide training actions.

For smaller companies (less than ten workers), exemptions would reach 50% without training and 70% with training.

In the ERTO of impediment of activity, the exemptions for all the companies would be of 100% in all the cases, according to the proposal raised by the government.

In order to benefit from these exemptions, companies will have to dedicate 30 hours to training actions in the case of having between 10 and 49 workers and 40 hours if they have higher staff.

There is still no agreement between government and social agents, who will meet again this Monday to extend the ERTOs, which in principle end on 30 September.

However, the government has proposed that the new ERTO scheme come into force on November 1 and last until March. Between 30 September and 31 October, the regulation that has been applied since the last extension of the ERTOs would be maintained.


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