The SPD makes Maas tremble

Uunexpected damper at the SPD party conference for Foreign Minister Heiko Maas: He failed in the election of the new party executive in the first round and received only in the second ballot – but then clear – majority. Even the Saxon SPD leader Martin Dulig made it to the 34-member body.

The former party rival Ralf Stegner and Berlin's head of government Michael Müller, however, gave up their seats on the board after defeats in the first ballot. Stegner will no longer hold a party office after the decision. In March, the former Finance and Interior Minister of Schleswig-Holstein had given up his post as SPD country chief. Faction leader, he is still there. For this, Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey moves into the SPD party leadership. She succeeded on Saturday in the first round with 327 votes as an assessor the leap into the body.

In the first ballot, in which 14 out of 24 judge seats were awarded, prevailed mainly supporters of the coalition. Only the former Juso boss Johanna Uekermann and the Bielefeld member of the Bundestag Wiebke Esdar, who were directly elected with 361 and 356 votes, are considered decisive coalition critics.

The party and parliamentary vice, Matthias Miersch, scored in the first ballot the best result. Family Minister Franziska Giffey, Minister of the Environment Svenja Schulze, Brandenburg's Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke, Lower Saxony's Minister of the Interior Boris Pistorius and European Affairs Minister Michael Roth were also directly elected as voting members of the Executive Board.


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