The Special of Difference ‘Moral Sense’ Actors Seohyun, Lee Junyoung

Jung Ji-woo (Seohyun), a perfectionist who talks to her boss, and Jung Ji-hoo (Lee Jun-young), a warm-hearted person who doesn’t have enemies. Apart from the similar names, the two have different personalities and tastes. Ji-Hoo and Ji-Hoo, who were only co-workers in the company, share a secret for three months with a wrong delivery package. <모럴센스>depicts a new world unfolding after Ji-woo learns about Ji-hoo’s special sexual orientation. Rather than provocatively consuming the subject of sexual orientation, this work depicts the process of understanding and acknowledging each other’s differences and growing together in a pleasant and thoughtful way. Seohyun and Lee Joon-young, who stand at the center of the play, intriguingly lead the film’s breathtaking atmosphere. They are two people who have shown a new face in each work <모럴센스>will imprint a fresh image on those who remember Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and U-Kiss’s Lee Jun-young, as well as those who have been watching the two actors’ performances.

Lee Joon-young, Seo-hyun (from left).

– <모럴센스>I wonder what made you decide to appear in

seohyun As an actor, everyone wants to do various roles and genres, but such an opportunity doesn’t seem to come easily. In that sense, Jiwoo was a character who wanted to try and was greedy. It was interesting to understand and learn the differences that everyone has, and to be able to express them in a pleasant way.

Lee Joon-young The screenplay was interesting. I’m the type to read it over and over again, but it’s easy to read. It was interesting, and the material itself was special, so I thought it would be fun. I chose this project because I thought it would be of great help to me if I could embody my role well.

– After Jung Ji-woo, what attracted you to Jung Ji-woo?

Lee Joon-young Jihoo is a three-dimensional character that can express various emotions. She likes the line ‘It’s not wrong, it’s different’. She read the line and she was convinced about this role. She is personally grateful to be able to meet Jihoo.

seohyun On the surface, the character Jung Ji-woo seems to live by suppressing his emotions with a cold and thorough personality. But he is a character who sometimes gets hot and gets honest with himself through Jihoo. I found that attractive.

– How did you read the original webtoon?

Lee Joon-young If we compare the synchro rate with the webtoon character, I personally think it is 100% erased. broke through the book. But I’m a bit vague

seohyun no! 100% fit perfectly. His physique and his glasses fit him well. However, it seems that hair suits her better then than she did today.

Lee Joon-young Could you give me some scissors? (everyone laughs)

Lee Joon-young, Seo-hyun (from left).

– I heard that actor Lee Joon-young gained weight because of the synchronicity.

Lee Joon-young At that time, he was in a state of losing weight by taking on the role of an idol. <모럴센스>Esau ate five meals a day to go similar to the original.

– The contrast between office look and play look is clear. It felt like a ball was put into each individual costume. How did you get the concept?

Lee Joon-young The first thing we talked about was that it would be good if there was a clear contrast. So, we talked about the material, and we talked a lot, saying, “This tie suits you better” and “That outfit looks tougher.” As a result, I am satisfied that each character’s characteristics are well emphasized.

seohyun The office look is an everyday look that all office workers can relate to, whereas the play look is a look that people can imagine. going between two extremes <모럴센스>I think it is another point to watch because the characteristics of the character are well expressed in the costumes of the characters.

– I heard that you also talked a lot with director Park Hyun-jin on set.

seohyun <모럴센스>is a story of finding one’s own self in the process of understanding and learning from each other. Therefore, there was a process of discussing things such as warriors of characters not shown in the script, and imagining them based on them.

Lee Joon-young In the webtoon, Jihoo is older and his position is acting, so I thought about whether I should take the serious side. So I asked the director, “Maybe good?” I asked him, and he said, “The figure I recommend for Jihoo is a large dog.” I asked specifically. “What kind?” “It’s a golden retriever.” He said that it would be better if it was a large dog that he thought was a small dog, so he tried to assimilate it from then on. Watching dog videos during recess. (laugh)

– Were you familiar with each other before filming?

Lee Joon-young It was only to say hello on a music show. Seohyun was quiet and gentle and had a strong image like that, but in reality, she was good and had a good energy. That first impression lasted to the end.

seohyun really? I was a little different. My first impression was very strong, but I felt that it was too difficult for me. Because when we meet at the office to say hello, he never looks into my eyes. (Laughter) I just stared at the floor for hours.

Lee Joon-young No, not to that extent. It’s like saying “hello” and saying “yes, hello, senior”. (Laughs) But actually, I hear it often from the seniors I worked with. I think it’s because I have a strong belief that we have to behave politely until we get to know each other.

seohyun As for the role, I have to get along well, but I was a little worried about ‘I think I’m having a hard time, what should I do?’ But as he got along, he was bright and well-spoken. I’m glad it’s comfortable when it’s over.

Lee Joon-young It’s not scary.

seohyun Fortunately, the. (laugh)

Seohyun, Lee Junyoung (from left).

– Isn’t there a scene where Ji-Hoo and Ji-Hoo break each other’s frame and become closer? In that sense, I found the office scene very interesting.

Lee Joon-young still alive the most vivid

seohyun He is the most impressive god in this work. I can’t tell you in detail because it’s a spoiler, but it’s a scene where Ji-hoo scolds Ji-hoo very harshly, and Ji-hoo pours out words to Ji-hoo that she can’t put out of her mouth. I remember feeling very sorry after the filming was over.

Lee Joon-young I wondered what I did so wrong… . (Laughs) It was a joke, I didn’t think of it that way, and I was rather surprised. There are aspects of Seohyun that I couldn’t think of, and it suits him very well. It was really weird. One time, I was sitting in front to make eye contact and I was like, ‘What?’ I even had this thought. I was so immersed in it that I felt like a different person.

seohyun Thank. I wanted to do well because that scene was a kind of turning point for Ji-woo and Ji-hoo.

– Both were singers and performed on various stages. How do you think that experience affects your acting?

Lee Joon-young I recently acted as a band member and an idol in a work, and my previous experience helped me a lot. Also, while working as a singer, I have accumulated a lot of sad and good memories and emotions. If it hadn’t been for that time, I wonder if I would have been able to express the depth of my feelings now.

seohyun Standing in front of numerous cameras, I developed my courage and learned how to breathe with the audience. Just as singers express their emotions through songs and gestures, actors also express their emotions through words and actions. In that context, singing and acting have many similarities.

-To the audience who remembers his appearance as a singer, and to the audience who knows him well as an actor <모럴센스>seems like a work that will make a new impression. <모럴센스>What kind of evaluation would you like to receive through

Lee Joon-young It is sure to be a challenging project for both of us. So, if you hear the evaluation of ‘the rediscovery of the two actors’, I think you will be perfectly satisfied.

seohyun Since it is a film with the theme of completing each other’s differences into something special, I hope that it will be conveyed well to the viewers.

– In what other works can you meet actors Seohyun and Lee Junyoung?

seohyun movie <거룩한 밤: 데몬 헌터스>and drama <징크스의 연인>There is this. <모럴센스>You will be able to see a new side of me that you have never seen before. Please look forward to it.

Lee Joon-young Now <용감한 시민>is filming a movie called As Seohyun said before, I also took on a role that was completely opposite to Jihoo. I’m in high school… .

seohyun Oh, I also appear (in the drama) as 19 years old!

Lee Joon-young Oh, this time I have a little more. I am 21 years old.

seohyun I will turn 19 to 21 years old.

Lee Joon-young It seems that we cannot be separated. (Laughs) Movie <용감한 시민> and <황야>I will greet you with a work called

Seohyun, Lee Junyoung (from left).

love balance game

Q1. Leading Your Lover Leading Your Lover

seohyun lead. I want to lead and I want to be beaten, but I have a greater desire to lead. I think it’s because I have a personality that I have to do what I want to do.

Lee Joon-young Take the lead. Leading blindly can make the other person uncomfortable, and I don’t like that kind of situation, so I tend to follow it.

Q2. To be honest, love needs a secret

Lee Joon-young Secrets are needed. There may be secrets that cannot be told to the other person. I want to protect it as much as possible.

seohyun It’s good to be honest. If you don’t talk about it, you’ll be imagining useless things. Talking openly can build trust.

Lee Joon-young After hearing Seohyun’s words, I changed my mind. I’ll change it to ‘to be honest’. (laugh)

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