The spectacular goal of Elisha Sam, of Notts County, natural candidate for the Puskas Award 2021

The goal of the Belgian forward of Notts County, Elisha Sam, direct to the Puskas Prize 2021 Credit: Youtube Capture

A genius. A rush of inspiration, the scoring instinct on the surface. A year that in just a handful of weeks can already feel that in the universe of the ball, it already has a work of art that is shaping up to be a candidate to win the Puskas Awards presented by FIFA. Belgian striker Elisha Sam, 23, who plays for Notts County, a team from the fifth division of English football, drew a taco goal against Oxford City, for the FA Trophy that exploded on social networks and that many predict will be the best goal of 2021.

It was Sam’s second scream that drew all the praise and was outrageous with fans. Even the party’s reporter affirmed between shouts that this movement should go directly to Puskas. The spectacular goal at 28 minutes of the second half and such a piece even served to allow Notts County to turn the score around and take a 2-1 minute lead.

Elisha Sam’s cue goal

On the left wing, winger Adam Chicksen took a cross into the area that Sam connected with air and with his torso towards the goalkeeper who was surprised by such a movement. The ball passed over the head of Ben Dudzinski who, despite stretching, could do nothing. Sam had already billed twice, because before 4 minutes of the second half, he converted the 1-1 goal. Finally, Notts County took the victory and Jimmy Knowles made it 3-1. Sam’s goal aroused admiration and exclamations from the match’s television presenter, who immediately nominated him for Puskas on his own account.

With this victory, Notts County reached the semifinals of the tournament and in the league they are seventh, ten points behind the leader Torquay United, with 47 units. Elisha Sam, who came to the club in August 2020, comes from the Arda Kardzhali, accumulates three goals in the FA Trophy and another three in the National League.

Sam’s first goal of the match

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