The spectacular physical change of ‘La montaa’, the actor from Game of Thrones, who has lost 50 kilos with a new exercise routine

Actor Hafr Jlus Bjrnsson, best known for his role as La montaa on the pike Game of Thrones, is back in the news these days, although for a milestone very different from television. Hailed as the strongest man in the world, he has managed to lose up to 50 kilos (he now weighs 155 kg) in his physical preparation for a fight in Las Vegas. This is how he has managed to become pgile.

The combat of the century, again, but different, so new and competitive that it is well worth resorting to that slogan that Ali and Foreman patented last century. Now the pgiles will be two curious guys: Hafr Jlus Bjrnsson and Eddie Hall. The first is of particular interest. Because he is a world celebrity for his acting role, playing Gregor La Montaa in Game of Thrones. Coronado in 2018, in the contest World’s Strongest Man, As the strongest in the world, he just dropped 50 kilos on the scale. He has boasted these days on Instagram of lean, profiled muscles, confirming the power of exercise even on the most robust bodies.

Y has changed training on his way to prepare for a fight in Las Vegas, where else, next September, in front of Eddie Hall, the colossus who in 2016 was able to lift 500 kilos. But Bjrnsson arrived and, a year ago, added another kilo to that half ton, to set a new record. At 33, and with “the most brutal fight in the world” -as the fight is advertised- in sight, has altered his diet and training routines. With success, you only have to see him in the images he has uploaded to the network.

“I am very happy with my state of form. When I started this trip, I weighed 205 kg. And I have already dropped to 155 kg. I feel good”, celebrates Bjrnsson, in a video where he gives clues about his conversion into pgil. Shoulders, biceps and triceps are now his priorities. Also the aerobic work on bike. Less volume, but the same strength and endurance, a strengthened heart. Your daily table includes three workouts, five meals and, of course, technical sessions to sharpen fists and legs. Because you box with your hands but you win with your feet.

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” Al’s self-definition, the aspiration of ‘The Mountain’ Bjrnsson, a warrior, like everyone else, who would not be without rest. “To end the day, I relax in the pool and then complete 15 minutes in an infrared sauna and others 15 of a cryotherapy session (cold healing treatment) “Heading to Las Vegas.

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