The sports brand of Seat opens headquarters and presents the new family of Cupra León

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Almost as if it were an emancipated son, Cupra, the sports brand of Seat, is preparing a brand new apartment, that is, new headquarters. With an investment of 5.4 million euros, the brand headed by Wayne Griffiths, presented this afternoon its new “head quarters”, a brand new building of 2,400 square meters that houses the staff of 200 employees who work specifically for Cupra.

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The new building, which is called Cupra Garage, and located next to the corporate headquarters of Seat, but not attached, comes to symbolize the coming of age – two years in fact – of a brand that was born almost as an experiment under the impulse of the former president of the Spanish car, Luca de Meo, and that is ready, in the next two years, to make a leap forward, especially in relation to product offensive. The objective, something that is expected to be reached in 2020, 1,000 million billing, which will represent about 10% of total Seat sales.

“Two years ago we launched a very ambitious plan, many things have happened, and everything is going much better than what we planned, both in terms of sales and the financial side,” Griffiths explained this afternoon in a meeting with the press. The good news in terms of sales translates into the 40,000 “cups” sold in the last two years, with a growth in 2019 of 78% compared to 2018. The great acceptance of the Ateca Cupra (15% of all sales of the which was the first SUV of Seat) and Cupra León (10% of the total), explain the success of an emblem especially popular in Germany, where it has its main market. The turnover is relevant, but above all the profitability, at levels that exceed the average of Seat.

Cupra’s expectations regarding billing and sales are based in this 2020 on the launch of the new Cupra León and Cupra Formentor, the first model specifically designed for the brand, which will be released in the next Geneva motor show and will reach the dealers in the second half of the year.

In parallel, it has also shown the wide range of merchandising products that will be launched in parallel: electric bikes, a portable lamp, footwear … all with the intention of continuing to associate Cupra with the design and sophistication values ​​that you want to associate to the brand. .


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