The Spring Festival animation film “Deep Sea” releases a dubbing story short film pioneering the use of “live-action preview” dubbing_Role_tian Xiaopeng_performance

Original title: The Spring Festival animated film “Deep Sea” releases a dubbing story short film that groundbreakingly adopts the “live-action preview” dubbing method

Sohu Entertainment News The peak visual effects blockbuster “Deep Sea” released during the Spring Festival has released a short dubbing story, revealing the film’s five-year dubbing process. It is reported that the dubbing of the film “has no skill, it is all sincerity”. In order to ensure the authenticity of the voice performance, director Tian Xiaopeng required the voice actors to be of the same age as the characters, and the heroine had to audition for a new voice because she grew up and experienced a voice change. In addition, “Deep Sea” pioneered the dubbing method of “making a movie”, and performed a complete performance before dubbing. Strive for emotional truth in the simplest way. The film will be officially released on January 22 (the first day of the Lunar New Year), and will land in IMAX theaters simultaneously.

It is reported that the team not only spent two years developing the “particle ink” visual effects aesthetics, but director Tian Xiaopeng even spent five years on dubbing to achieve the ultimate emotional immersion. Compared with the post-dubbing of traditional animation, “Deep Sea” pioneered the “live preview” method. Before the animation production started, live actors were invited to perform according to the script, and this was used to feed back the delicate presentation of the animation performance. In order to pursue the perfect match between the voice and the animation character, director Tian Xiaopeng put forward the requirement of “the same age as the actor and the character” during the casting stage, and the seven-year polishing of the film also brought unprecedented challenges to the dubbing: the original dubbing of the heroine After the voice change period, it no longer fits the role, so the team took two months to finalize the candidates among more than 50 people.

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It can also be seen from the dubbing story released this time that the film’s most authentic pursuit of emotional expression. The dubbing recording is carried out in the way of “recording in the performance”. Under the influence of the story and the characters, the actors abandon the fancy skills and play each role with the most primitive “truthful expression”. In order to feel the emotions of the characters, the 10-year-old female lead voice (actor: Wang Tingwen) recorded a cry nearly a hundred times. During the emotional exchange scene, she couldn’t help crying on the scene. The male lead voice (actor: Su Xin) performed the action scene without real objects. I can’t help feeling that “dubbing animation is more difficult than acting”.

The movie “Deep Sea” is directed by Tian Xiaopeng and produced by October Culture and Caitiaowu Films. It will be released nationwide on the first day of the Lunar New Year.Return to Sohu to see more


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