The standings of the 2022 World Cup qualifying groups in Europe after the eighth round

On Tuesday evening, the eighth round of European qualifiers for the upcoming World Cup Qatar 2022 concluded, with 14 matches taking place between the teams participating in the competition.

Portugal won a big victory over its guest Luxembourg, by five goals, in the confrontation that took place between them.

England and Hungary tied 1-1 in the match that brought the two teams together on Tuesday evening at Wembley Stadium.

The Polish national team won a difficult victory at the expense of its opponent, Poland, with a score of 1-0, which was held this evening, Tuesday, at the “Kamal Staffa” stadium.

Denmark officially booked its seat in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, after continuing its series of victories for the eighth consecutive round, this time with a clean goal against its guest, Austria, on Tuesday, at Tilia Parken Stadium.

The standings of the groups in the European qualifiers for the upcoming World Cup are as follows:

Group A: Serbia 17 points, Portugal 16 points, Luxembourg 6 points.

Group B: Sweden 15 points, Spain 13 points, Greece 9 points.

Group C: Italy 14 points, Switzerland 14 points, Bulgaria 8 points.

Group D: France 12 points, Ukraine 9 points, Finland 8 points.

Group E: Belgium 16 points, Czech Republic 11 points, Wales 11 points.

Group F: Denmark 24 points – Scotland 17 points – Israel 13 points.

Group G: Netherlands 19 points, Norway 17 points, Turkey 15 points.

Group H: Russia 19 points, Croatia 17 points, Slovakia 10 points.

Group I: England 20 points, Poland 17 points, Albania 15 points.

Group X: Germany 21 points, Romania 13 points, Macedonia 12 points.


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