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The former resident of the TV set is beside herself with grief. Sasha Cherno reported the misfortune.

The ex-participant of the reality show “Dom-2” spoke about the tragedy that happened in her family. According to Sasha Cherno, her one and a half year old favorite, the cat Yoska, fell out of the window. Having fallen from the height of the sixth floor, the animal survived, but was seriously injured.

Cherno was at home when the neighbors called her at the door and said that someone’s cat was lying under the windows and screaming heart-rendingly in pain. Not finding her pet in the apartment, Sasha realized that something terrible had happened to him.

The star of the show “Dom-2” put her beloved Yoska in a carrier and ran with the baby to the veterinarians. The ex-participant of the reality show did not have time to change, so she went to the clinic in her pajamas.

Later, Cherno got in touch with fans in the “Stories” of her “Instagram”. The bursting girl reported that her animal was placed in intensive care. Yoska received serious injuries – a ruptured spleen and a fractured paw. Veterinarians insisted on removing the affected organ.

According to Sasha Cherno, the cat has a fifty percent chance of survival. In addition, the former resident of the TV set had to look for a donor for a transfusion. Fortunately, Cherno’s second absolutely healthy pet, Sasha, was found at Cherno’s home, and Yoske’s blood was taken from her.

Subscribers sympathized with the girl. Many people advised the “House-2” star to put the animal to sleep and not torture it. Sasha Cherno categorically rejected this proposal. She stated that Yoska is not just an animal, but a member of the family, so she will fight to the last.


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