The star of the superhero film ‘Black Panther’ Bosman has died

The American actor Chedwig Bosman, who is known for the lead role in Marvel in the superhero film “Black Panther”, has passed away, according to a statement by the artist’s representatives.

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He died four years after he was diagnosed with colon cancer. In the last moments of his life, the 43-year-old actor was in Los Angeles with his wife and family.

“A real fighter. Chadwig put up with all this and made movies that fans fell in love with, ”said a family statement that the actor had starred in several films while undergoing chemotherapy and undergoing surgery.

Marvel’s superhero film “Black Panther” became a real box office in 2018, and was nominated for seven awards in the US Film Academy Awards. He also gained attention by portraying a variety of real people in the film – baseball legend Jackie Robinson and singer James Brown.

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