the start of a #MeToo in the US military?

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The U.S. military has confirmed the death of the 20-year-old soldier, who told her family that she had been sexually harassed and was last seen on April 22 at the Fort Hood, Texas base. For the press, the case is emblematic of a certain “Military culture”.

The story is unfortunately “Grim but predictable”, regret the Washington Post. Friday, July 3, Marya Guillén received a call from the United States military “Confirming what his family already suspected” : the bones and hair which had been found, at the end of June, buried in the vicinity of Fort Hood were those of his sister Vanessa Guillén.

This 20-year-old soldier, who was allegedly killed by a comrade-in-arms, was last seen on April 22 “On this military base in central Texas”, remind him New York Times. She had confided to her family before her disappearance “That she had been sexually harassed but feared that she would report the incidents to her hierarchy”, indicates the Washington Post.

According to the daily newspaper of the capital, some women in uniform consider that this case is “Emblematic of a military culture which they claim has downplayed or ignored allegations of sexual harassment and assault and has created an atmosphere that drives men and women



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