the start-up Cajoo wants to take up the challenge of delivery in less than 15 minutes

The young shoot is starting in the ninth arrondissement and wants to reach the entire capital within a few months, thanks to a network of “mini-warehouses” served by electric bicycle delivery men.

Home groceries. Riding the wave of bicycle delivery fueled by successive confinements and curfews, the young Cajoo startup is launching an application allowing small quantities of groceries to be ordered and delivered in fifteen minutes. With a fundraising of 6 million euros, it starts its activities this Thursday, February 4 in the ninth arrondissement of Paris, before reaching other neighborhoods.

The idea of ​​a “digital convenience storeWas born at the end of November. “During confinement, between wearing the obligatory mask and the gauges imposed on stores, shopping had become painful», Testifies Henri Capoul, co-founder of Cajoo and former managing director of Bolt France. A delivery system for products comparable to those found in neighborhood grocery stores therefore seemed to him to be a good solution for making everyday purchases during Covid times. Guillaume Luscan, Jeremy Gotteland and himself then quickly launched a fundraiser, mainly from Frst and XAnge.

Concretely, the products, ordered by Cajoo directly from the brands, are stored in “mini-warehouses” closed to the public and with a surface area of ​​around 100 m2. These premises are “either old warehouses or old shops», Explains Henri Capoul. “It’s a bit like a classic grocery store, except that there the shelves are tightened, which allows us to store more productsHe continues. Employees are responsible for preparing the orders, then making them available to the deliverers, who then ensure delivery by electric bike in 15 minutes.

Cajoo application interface Screenshot

Last minute shopping

Even if the concept is apparently similar to that of the delivery services of Carrefour or Leclerc, that of Cajoo differs both in quantity and price. “When you take your car to go to a supermarket, it’s to refuel, not small everyday errands», Explains Henri Capoul. Cajoo intends rather to position itself on “the all-in-one niche», That is to say on times that are not planned. For exemple, “we rather aim to organize last-minute aperitifs with friends», Explains the co-founder. According to him, the current context is a good time to start, because “thecurfew can be a boon to our service», Operational from 7:30 am to 12:30 am every day of the week. It is therefore rather the neighborhood stores and grocery stores, forced for their part to close their doors at 6pm at the moment, that Cajoo could overshadow.

Dishes to heat, alcohol, food products, cleaning, hygiene … The 600 references offered are those found in a classic grocery store, at the same price. However, it takes 1.95 euros for delivery, offered from a basket of 40 euros. Launched this Thursday, the service is only available in a small part of the ninth arrondissement of Paris, around the Trinité metro station, and will be operational in the entire district within a week. Cajoo’s objective is to cover the entire capital within a few months, and for this, the young company intends to recruit around fifty people in the coming weeks.


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