The State of Senegal for the digitization and strengthening of the system.

In order to guarantee a reliable system, in a context of territorialization of public policies and revival of the national economy in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the State through the Ministry of Territorial Communities organized this Thursday, the meeting of the national steering committee of the support program for strengthening the civil status information system and consolidation of a national biometric identity file in Senegal.
Funded by the European Union for an amount of nearly eighteen billion francs, this program will contribute to the modernization of civil status through support for strategic management and through an improvement in the supply and demand of services. civil status.

For the Minister of Territorial Communities, Oumar Guèye, who chaired the meeting, “civil registration is an essential condition for achieving the objectives of sustainable development and specifically for women, which presupposes greater access to education especially in rural areas to formal jobs, to active citizenship “. This constitutes a lever for capturing the demographic dividend and the basis for the development of human capital.

To this end, Mrs Irène Mingasson, Ambassador of the European Union in Senegal, recalls the importance of a well-organized civil status system.
“A well-organized civil status system is above all an issue of human dignity and individual rights, but it is also an issue of security since it contributes widely and effectively to the stability of a state”, specifies t – it, by welcoming the collaboration of the European Union and the State of Senegal to meet this challenge of modernizing the civil status system …


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