“The State should stop granting authorizations to fishmeal factories” (Dr Moustapha Kébé, fishing economist)

The sustainable exploitation of fishery resources, especially small pelagics, remains a major problem in Senegal.

This species intended for domestic consumption is used in the processing of fishmeal by factories. This causes, in fact, a “diversion of production towards animal consumption”, explains Dr Moustapha Kébé, fishing economist.

The proliferation of these factories has also caused noticeable competition with women processors of fishery resources who do not have any equipment for the exploitation of small pelagics.

Aware of this act, Dr Kébé recommends that the State stop “granting authorizations to these fishmeal factories which, in the long run, will eliminate these women who represent the bulk of this sector in which they play a very important role in the commercialization of processing, ”he said, urging the government to review this policy. Because, “there is a terrible shortfall at the level of the national economy and also at the level of economic operators and consumers”.

“The players in this sector are mobilizing to put an end to this policy. These factories should take the waste and not the species fresh out of the sea. They are exploiting these species in the seas with means that women processors do not have, ”rewinds the secretary general of Conipas, Babacar Sarr.


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