The story behind Maradona’s mural in New York

The immense mural, which shows in detail the face of the Argentine soccer idol, is the work of the plastic artist known as BKFoxx, hired by the owner of The Ground NYC, a soccer field located in that American city.

Located next to the Manhattan Bridge, the entire block is a tribute to world football legends and next to “the most human of the immortals” – as the New York Times called Maradona – are the faces of Johan Cruyff, George Best, Franco Baresi and Alex Ferguson.

From the corner where the mural is located, the Consul General of Argentina Santiago Villalba, the cultural attaché Noelia Dutrey, BKFoxx and the owner of The Ground who hired her for this work, presented the mural.

“We, as diplomats, travel around the world and usually when people ask us where we are from and we say Argentina, people answer us ‘Argentina = Maradona’ and around the world we have experienced how important Maradona is and how he left so much for us. It is the reason why we are here, to honor Diego Maradona “Villalba said.

mural maradona consulate.mp4

Argentine consulate

For its part, BKFoxx said that he began to paint the mural in February and finished it before quarantine due to the coronavirus and that when he was painting it, a group of Argentines approached with flags to tell him that “they were part of this” and that they were happy. with which he portrayed Maradona in New York.

The artist said that they asked him to paint Maradona on the outer end because it is the largest of all time and should be visible from the street.

On the YouTube Channel of the Argentine Consulate you can see from today this tribute to the Argentine Diego Maradona (1960-2020) whose death on November 25 shocked the entire world, while he was fired as a “ball artist” and as a genius immortal.

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