The Story of a Mother’s Struggle, Stop the Habit of a 6-Year-Old Boy Chewing on the Walls of the Pages all

SKOTLANDIA, – A mother describes her painful struggle to keep her six-year-old son safe. She had to overcome a rare condition that made her son chew on the lining of the walls.

The boy has compulsive eating disorder called Pica as well severe autism and learning disabilities.

Mirror reported on Tuesday (16/2/2021), his mother, who cannot be named, told of his struggle to adapt home furniture for almost a year.

At the same time, she continued to fear the possibility that her son would seriously injure himself.

The situation had become so frustrating that the mother had to be hospitalized with a suspected heart attack, according to reports The Daily Record.

The six-year-old, who also couldn’t speak, during the pandemic continued to be at his home in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, due to school closures.

The mother said it was a difficult situation, while the mother also helped her older daughter with distance learning.

He said: “He has a lot of challenging behavior. He will bite and scratch and try to hit.

“She can’t tell if she doesn’t want to do something, nor is she comfortable with the loud noises she might hear.”

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But the mother still thinks that her son has the happiest face she has ever seen and a beautiful smile.

For 12 months, the mother asked for help from the local council. They have now applied to withdraw funds to keep their family home safe.

The woman has spoken up and candidly described her struggle with her son’s chronic condition.

He said: “He eats walls, rags and door frames, whatever he bites, he will chew and eat it.

“I sit crying at night thinking that I’m not good enough as a parent. I put myself in some difficult conditions. “

“I was hospitalized recently with a suspected heart attack due to chest pain. This is very difficult to deal with and very frustrating. “

He said he first contacted West Dunbartonshire Council for help last April.

In response, they put up a wet lining in the boy’s room. But within days it peels off and a gap remains leaving the son an opportunity to chew on the wall again.

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The mother then contacted Impact Plastics and Coatings who she said had offered to do the work at no additional cost. They only ask for funds for the covering material used.

He said: “They used plastic sheets and they were all hot welded. There’s no connection, nothing my son can take or chew again. “

“Private contractors have shown great care and eagerness to help.”

The city council last week approved specialist contractors to install secure coverings on the walls of his son’s room as well as custom-designed furniture.

“Companies doing the job deserve a lot of credit. They are extraordinary, ”said the city council officer.

He added: “I will never give up whatever he needs.

“You need to do what is right for the children.”

A spokesman for the West Dunbartonshire Council said it was in close touch with the tenants to advance this important medical adaptation to the child’s property. They are very pleased that with the help of a specialist contractor, it can now be completed.

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