The story of a truck driver with the face of Raffi Ahmad when contacted by Nagita Slavina. Page all

JAKARTA, – After a while viral truck photo with presenter’s face image Raffi Ahmad | on social media, now the driver of the viral truck meets the face owner directly.

The driver from Kebumen, Central Java, named Mamat, did not believe he could communicate directly with Nagita and even met Nagita and Raffi in person in Andara. What’s the story like? consider the following.

At first I didn’t believe it

At first, Mamat didn’t believe it when Raffi Ahmad’s staff called him and tried to bring his truck to Jakarta.

Until finally Nagita Slavina itself that contacts via video call.

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“Yes, between not believing and still dreaming,” said Mamat who admired Raffi, quoted from the YouTube channel Rans Entertainment.

Explain the reason for using Raffi’s face

Nagita Slavina was apparently curious about the reason Mamat used her husband’s face and the message to work hard, because she was a fan of Raffi Ahmad.

“Hmm, just a fan,” said Mamat in response to Nagita’s curiosity.

Planning to draw Nagita’s face

Mamat also reveals his plan to draw Nagita’s face on his other truck.

He also asked permission from Nagita who immediately agreed to Mamat’s request.

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Nagita screamed shyly and then covered her mouth and eyes while laughing when she knew her face would be plastered on the truck body.

“Yes. Yes,” said Nagita still in the video call.

Mamat then started composing long sentences describing Nagita’s figure to be painted later.

“Successful husband, behind him there is a pious wife,” said Mamat who made Nagita laugh.

The truck with the picture of Raffi’s face arrived in Andara

Finally, after a telephone call, Mamat actually came directly to Andara, Raffi’s residence, carrying a truck with a picture of Raffi Ahmad’s face.

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The moment was then uploaded by Raffi to his Instagram account.

“Don’t forget to be happy. Thank you Mas Mamat and Mas Takim for stopping by at Andara’s house with a truck with a sticker on the face of Raffi Ahmad. This truck from Kebumen is soooooo ordinary,” wrote Raffi Ahmad on Instagram.


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