the story of an ex-fat man 50 kilos later

Julio Ramón Pérez has certified experience in a weight trade: he was obese for more than 20 years. He has already resigned from that position. His resume is well nourished.

This Venezuelan is a professional in International Relations, he has been Sales Manager, Regional Marketing Manager in several Latin American countries, comedian who has shared the stage with great Venezuelan stand-ups, improvisational theater actor, hospital clown and father of Salomón, the son he had before the one he presents now: his first book.

Julio Ramón lost the kilos but not his essence. At each stage of his life and behind the belly, there was always a sensitive man with a desire to evolve, taking care of his physical and mental health thanks to self-knowledge and a better diet (without restrictions).

All these learnings are shared on the pages of 50 kilos later, book that is already available on Amazon Kindle. Having lived for more than thirty-five years with overweight – twenty of them with morbid obesity – was the main source of inspiration for Julio Ramón Pérez to write this book, which is a confessional and a guide for anyone who wants to get rid of prejudices and a few extra kilos.

In his own words “this is a book that I had wanted to write for years, but I understand that talking about obesity is not a simple topic, for this reason it is a fortune for me to have the support of exceptional professionals that I have the honor to call friends as was the Venezuelan comedian and writer Rolando Díaz, who helped me shape the structure of the book, the writer and editor Willy McKey who is the editorial consultant and the linguist Miliber Mancilla who was the copyeditor, not to mention to the comedian Nadia María and the visual director Henry Cuicas who have helped me shape the image and campaign of the book ”.

This project seeks to explore the historical, anthropological and sociological reasons for how we became the protagonists of the largest pandemic in human history, but also seeks to explain the three bases that we all need to bear in mind to live a healthier life: emotional awareness, good nutrition and physical activity.

This book is the success story of how Julio Ramón managed to get rid of the obese label after losing fifty kilos while still regularly eating a double cheeseburger (or two). It does not tell a fairy tale, much less reveal revolutionary methods. There are no magic recipes, many times they are the ones that trigger the problems of non-acceptance of the body.

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