The story of Dyadechko, the patron of Monaco who escaped death



Real Madrid host Monaco tonight at the WiZink Center (8:45 p.m., DAZN) in a cheating duel, because, although it is a newcomer to the Euroleague, the Principality team is financed by a Ukrainian tycoon who has filled the dressing room with stars who have already proven their worth at the start of the championship.

The team led by Mitrovic does not know defeat, in which players like Mike James, the exazulgrana Westermann O Motiejunas, Lithuanian center with NBA past. They are the ones who shine on the pitch for Monaco, although their true figure is in the box. Serguei Dyadechko, founder of the Rodovid bank – which was involved in an alleged pyramid scheme – landed in Monaco in 2012 fleeing an attack he had suffered in his country. On March 19, his Mercedes had been shot at by assailants. 26 bullet wounds that failed to end his life, but did make him leave Ukraine. There he left an immense mark on the world of basketball, because for years he exalted the BC Donetsk, the team of his childhood, and starred in different initiatives to promote the sport of the basket in that country. His love for basketball was born as a child, when he saw the giant up close Vladimir Tkachenko and to the eaves Sarunas Marculionis, figures of the USSR in the 80s, and that passion moved with him when he settled in Monaco.

There he decided to buy the historic basketball club of the Principality, which was not going through its best moment. Sunk in the French third division, Dyadechko’s impulse was not long in being noticed. In just two seasons he was already among the greats and in the third season he added his first official title, with success in the 2016 Cup. He would repeat on two more occasions (2017 and 2018) before crowning the Eurocup champion season, a trophy that He opened the doors of the Euroleague and that unleashed euphoria in the owner of the team. Not even in those moments of joy did Serguei separate from his two bodyguards or the bulletproof vest that he usually wears in almost all his public appearances.

The danger of Mike James

If Monaco has not noticed the landing between the giants of continental basketball – it has two victories in the first two games – it has been due to the investment made by its particular patron, able to convince a star like Mike James to leave the NBA and lead the Monegasque project. The American point guard is the main threat of the team (12.5 points and 3.5 assists) that visits the WiZink Center today with the complicated mission of remaining undefeated in the tournament.

To achieve this you must stop one of the favorites. A Real Madrid that after falling on the court of Olympiacos he cannot afford to stumble before the whole of the Principality. «They are recognizable players with a coach who last year already achieved success with them. It will be a tough game, “explained Laso, cautious about the arrival of the new rich from the Euroleague.

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