The story of Francine Ruel’s son in the TV series

The adaptation of Francine Ruel’s autofiction novel, Anna and the old child, will land at Groupe TVA. Produced by Pixcom (The fault, Amber Alert), the series will paint the portrait of a mother whose drug addict child falls into homelessness.

TVA Group confirms to Journal having given the green light to the family drama, provisionally titled Anna and Arnaud. Its airing is scheduled for 2022. It is unknown, however, whether it will be offered as a premiere on Club illico before being relayed by VAT.

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The Society for the Development of Cultural Enterprises (SODEC) announced Monday that it had retained this project – and nine others – in its new assistance program, which improves the production value of Quebec series to increase their chances of breaking through in the world. ‘foreign.

SODEC indicates thatAnna and Arnaud will tell the story of a young man of 20 who, after having undergone “a serious trauma”, sees his life turn upside down and leads his mother in “a real descent into hell”.

The adaptation of the book (published by Libre Expression editions in 2019) was entrusted to the playwright François Archambault. This is not a first television adventure for Archambault. We owe him Shooting Stars, this dramatic comedy presented on Radio-Canada from 2007 to 2008, with Stéphane Crête, Normand Daneau and Marie-Hélène Thibault.

Joined by phone, Francine Ruel indicates that she did not want to write the series taken fromAnna and the old child because when Pixcom acquired its rights, it was experiencing this unbearable reality itself.

However, she is part of the adventure as a collaborator. “I feed the author to the maximum. The story will spill over into the novel. The series goes much further, ”she reveals.

Back from Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, where she took part in the filming of Gabrielle Roy’s world, a television series on the work of French-Canadian author Francine Ruel has high hopes for Anna and Arnaud. She wants the work to raise awareness of homelessness to a wider audience.

“It’s a terribly taboo subject,” she laments. Being itinerant, in society, is frowned upon. People think they’re all rotten, old people, people without a backbone … But if they knew … “

In the 1980s, Francine Ruel’s son, Étienne, was seriously injured by gunshot while driving on Parc Avenue in Montreal. The physical and psychological consequences he suffered were significant. Today, his situation has improved.

“He is no longer in the street,” says the author and actress. He’s not out of the woods yet, but it’s a small step closer to his reintegration. “


SODEC also supports the following fiction series:

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Unsolved Murders: Nirvana /The fight of a mother who tries to exonerate her son accused of a murder he did not commit. For Bell Media.


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