The story of how a Fastly user brought the internet down

Imagine that you are a user of some cloud services platform. Any day you have the need to make some adjustments to the system and your actions generate the world internet crash. Yes, it looks like a comedy / tragedy story, but it was what It happened yesterday when multiple websites, including Amazon, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, and Spotify, to name a few, went offline due to a Fastly CDN problem.

Through a release, Fastly explained how an innocent person unleashed the internet downfall. First of all, it is important to mention that the user involved did not do it intentionally. He never imagined that his actions would make an apocalypse come true – as if living in a pandemic weren’t enough. According to Fastly, on May 12 they rolled out a software update on their platform; the problem is that had an unidentified critical bug.

Interestingly, to activate the bug it was necessary that a series of specific conditions and settings were met in the account of any user. On June 8, a person made changes to their service settings and, unfortunately, were exactly the parameters required to trigger the bug. Fastly says that 85% of its network had problems after the unfortunate event, which caused the failure of multiple Internet services and websites.

We experienced a global outage due to an undiscovered software bug that emerged on June 8th. It was caused by a change in a client configuration.

The internet crash was avoidable

The good news is that the platform engineers quickly identified the bug and rolled out an update to fix it. In 49 minutes they had already recovered 95% of their network. Evidently Fastly is aware that this situation could have been avoided. So that it does not happen again, they are doing an investigation to find out why they did not identify the error during the software quality control process.

“Although there were specific conditions that triggered this disruption, we should have anticipated“Fasly mentions. Of course, they took advantage of the space to offer apologies. Not only to their customers, but also to the millions of Internet users who were affected by the global internet crash:” We apologize to our customers and those who depend on them for the interruption. We sincerely thank the community for their support. “

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