The story of Iris Apfel, the oldest influencer in the world who turned 100 years old

The iconic woman of the fashion world reaches a century of life inspiring with her exaggerated style and an incessant mix of colors. Find out who the woman is who has even starred in her own documentary on Netflix.

Iris Apfel the old woman who is a fashion icon.

© Desiree Navarro
Iris Apfel the old woman who is a fashion icon.

Iris Apfel shows her Collection Launch at Henri Bendel portfolio collections. (Photo by Desiree Navarro / Getty Images) (Desiree Navarro /)

Iris Apfel has managed to earn a place in the fashion industry. Its striking appearance has made it an icon. Its flamboyant colors and striking appearance have made their mark for a century.

On August 29, he completed a century of life, this New Yorker is a businesswoman and in her youth she worked for the fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily. Two years before starting her Old World Weavers interior design business, she married textile merchant Carl Apfel in 1948.

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She has been a faithful example that age is not an impediment to achieving dreams, since her fame reached her at the age of 83 when the Metropolitan Museum of New York paid tribute to her with the exhibition “Iris Apfel: rare bird”.

His style has always been an example, so much so that it has even fallen in love with the White House, being the company in charge of nine renovations during nine years of the administrations of Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Keneddy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Clinton.

Fashion accessories, his extravagant glasses have been the protagonists of his style and In her 80s, she became one of the most important influencers in fashion, reaching millions of followers on Instagram and even his own documentary on Netflix. Iris Apfel is nicknamed “the oldest teenager in the world”, although she does not bother to hide her age and proof of this was the photo of her birthday where she appears with some balloons, her number 100 and the maxi glasses that have characterized her.

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Behind the icon

Born into a good family dedicated to the world of fabrics, her mother had a clothing boutique, which she tried to maintain after the great depression in New York.

His taste for fashion began at a very young age, after 12 years he traveled from Queens to Manhattan to buy in second-hand stores, since then her passion for jewelry was just beginning to take shape. His style has not been inspired by minimalism and on the contrary, it honors hyperbole, yet his name has been acclaimed by many experts and fashion houses, so much so that new designers look for the keys to understand the combination of vintage. with the classic and modern.

She has campaigned with different brands such as Mac and has her own Rara Avis jewelry line.

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