The story of the burning of Pioneer 12 in the atmosphere of Venus

NASA’s Pioneer 12 spacecraft burns up in the atmosphere for Venus On October 8, 1992, Pioneer 12, also known as Pioneer Venus Orbiter, had spent 14 years orbiting Venus and studying the planet’s atmosphere.

According to the website,SpaceThe rover investigated how the ionosphere and the planet’s magnetic field interact with charged particles from the sun called the solar wind.

The Pioneer spacecraft examined 12 Halley’s Comets while they were in orbit around Venus, and when they ran out of fuel, their orbit naturally began to decay, disintegrating in Venus’s atmosphere.

It is worth noting that astronomers have predicted for decades that sulfur in the planet’s clouds may be able to support life and serve as a potential source of food, however, researchers said recently, that “atmospheric” life cannot explain the composition of Venus’s atmosphere and the reason for its “sucking”. sulfur from the air.

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