The story of the woman who “hunted” her daughter’s murderers – News

Miriam Rodríguez is the name of the Mexican woman who for three long years starred in a shocking hunt for the arrest of her daughter’s murderers.

The young Karen, 20, was kidnapped and later murdered in 2014 in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, after several ransom requests.

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From that moment, the woman dedicated herself to traveling throughout Mexico to catch those responsible.

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With a notebook and a computer where she recorded her research, she used disguises, cut her hair and even acted as an interviewer or an official to get closer to the criminals’ relatives. He even related to his cousins ​​or his grandparents.

The site where the criminals kidnapped Karen.

One of his targets was “the flower seller”, a man who before joining the Los Zetas Cartel he had dedicated himself to that trade. In his escape, he had returned to that profession on the international bridge to Texas, where the woman went to look for him.

The information came to her from a widow who called her, after a year of searching. When he found it, Such was her excitement that the young man recognized her and fled.

However, Miriam chased him at 56 years old, took him by the shirt and pointed her gun at him for an hour until the police stopped him, according to the story told by the New York Times.

The woman He was actively involved in the arrest of 10 suspects of the crime.

The woman searched for years for those responsible for the crime.

According to the story, the fugitive criminals sought to rebuild their lives, starting from one as a “Christian”, another as a taxi driver and an alleged accomplice who had become a nanny.

Rodríguez had asked the Government protection with armed escorts, fearing retaliation from the cartel.

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In 2017, after more than 20 prisoners escaped from the Ciudad Victoria prison in Tamaulipas, where Karen’s murderers were, three men went to her home and shot her at the door.

It was on May 10 of that year, shortly after having caught one of his last targets. Her husband found her on the street with her hand on her wallet, clutching her gun.


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