The Strait of Messina is a dumping ground

According to a study by the University of Barcelona, ​​the few kilometers that separate Sicily from the rest of the Peninsula are the marine area with the highest density of waste in the world. What are the reasons for this sad record?

“For years we have always been talking about building this long-awaited bridge between Sicily and Calabria. But maybe it is also time to take care of what is under the surface of the water ”. As recalled The Republic, in Italy, when the Strait of Messina is mentioned, the discourse is always oriented towards infrastructures. The idea of ​​connecting the largest island in the Mediterranean to the rest of the Peninsula (separated by only 3 kilometers) by a bridge has crossed the ages; but, for once, the Roman daily has decided to direct its gaze in another direction: below the sea.

An almost obligatory choice, if we look at the results of a study by the University of Barcelona, ​​which makes a frightening observation:

The underwater area of ​​the Strait of Messina is the one with the greatest density



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