The strange case of a woman who was found floating on the high seas

Rolando Visbal and Gustavo Borsch, the two fishermen who managed to save Angélica Gaitán yesterday morning, the woman who was floating more than 3 kilometers from the shore of Salgar beach, in Puerto Colombia, state that their reasoning is not It gives them to understand how a human would have managed to survive on the high seas without any type of element that could keep it afloat.

The men, in dialogue with EL HERALDO, say that at 5:30 am yesterday they left the beaches of Salgar to do their work while “it was still dark”, but when they were about three kilometers away from the beach, one of them he noticed that there was an element floating in the water and they thought it was a log.

“The truth is that one always finds wood in the sea and we made a maneuver so that the fishing nets would not get entangled with what we thought was a log, in one of those we see that something moves and we immediately associate it one arm, ”says Visbal on the terrace of his house located in the aforementioned municipality.

The fishermen, at the time of the discovery, believed that it was “something paranormal.” “We were scared, because of everything strange, we came to believe that it was a mermaid, an extraterrestrial, I don’t know … it was all unreal. It is time and I am not mentally recovering by asking myself how that woman survived ”, says the fisherman.

Immediately, the men say, they threw a life preserver at the 46-year-old woman so she could hold herself until they managed to bring her to safety.

“We did the rescue with fear, not knowing what we were riding on the boat, you see so many things in this world that we were really skeptical. From there we took her to the shore, where the Police and several residents helped us to take her to the health center, ”says Visbal.

The man, who in addition to being a sinner has been a lifeguard instructor for more than 18 years, says that a human body that is not well trained will not be able to survive a situation like the one that women had to face.

“I sincerely say that this is all unreal and surprising. Nobody who is not a swimmer manages to stay in the water for too many hours floating; That lady looks like she could have spent the whole night like this. Besides, she had shoes, jeans and other clothing items, ”emphasized the fisherman. “I didn’t do well fishing, but I saved a life,” she says.


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