“The strike at RATP and SNCF has only lasted too long,” warns Édouard Philippe

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Signs of annoyance that the Prime Minister is trying less and less to hide. This Wednesday, Edouard Philippe estimated, at the end of a government seminar at the Elysée Palace, that “the strike at the RATP and at the SNCF has only lasted too long”.

“I will not be satisfied until all of the SNCF users at the national level and all of the public transport users, at the Île-de-France level, have returned to normal. normal life, “added the Prime Minister.

A meeting with the managers of SNCF and RATP

He added that he would receive this Wednesday afternoon the leaders of SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou, and RATP, Catherine Guillouard, for “a specific point on social dialogue and the return to work” in the two companies .

The head of government stressed having “observed that the mobilization in the strike was decreasing and I am obviously delighted”, while recalling having remained “constant and firm on the abolition of special regimes”.

Lawyers and dockers on strike, the “good hope” of appeasement

Asked about the challenge of other categories, such as dockworkers and lawyers, Edouard Philippe said he had “good hope” that the crisis would subside. By “explaining the virtues of the universal system and showing all the flexibility of which it is capable”, the interested parties should, according to him, “go beyond this phase of initial opposition and be able to work in good understanding with the trade unions, representatives of these professions and the parliament “.

Ségolène Royal: a “necessary reserve obligation”

Finally, referring to the situation of Ségolène Royal, whose function as ambassador of the poles is increasingly criticized because of the use she would have made of the allocated resources, Édouard Philippe demanded “clarity” this Wednesday. He also recalled his “necessary obligation of reserve” to the former socialist presidential candidate, very critical of the policy of the executive.

“Diplomacy is one mission, politics is another,” said the Prime Minister. He said that he questioned Ségolène Royal on her position regarding the obligation to reserve: “She will no doubt put forward her observations and we will have the opportunity to make a decision, after having read and reflected on her observations,” he said. concluded.


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