The strong cross between Santiago Cafiero and Luis Novaresio for the VIP vaccination: “You say burradas”

Chicanas, interruptions, and cross statements. This was the heated interview that the Chief of Staff had, Santiago Cafiero, with the journalist Luis Novaresio about the VIP vaccination scandal that broke out in the Ministry of Health. Vaccination that the right hand of Alberto Fernandez He said it is “an invention” of the press.

During the radio crossing The net, the official was uncomfortable by the journalist’s questions and defended the vaccination of Carlos Zannini and his wife, Patricia Alsúa, both vaccinated in January labeled “health personnel”, and also the minister Martin Guzman, who is 38 years old, and part of her collaborators, including a 30-year-old girl who manages her social networks.

According to Cafiero, all are part of the strategic personnel of the State or of health “bubbles” that accompany officials such as Guzmán, who will go to Washington to renegotiate the terms of the agreement with the IMF and, for that reason, said the head of Cabinet, he was vaccinated along with U40 collaborators.

Guzmán’s sub40 bubble

Martín Guzmán was vaccinated in January for this immunized.

One of the strongest counterpoints of the extensive talk, which lasted more than 30 minutes, was the one that had Martín Guzmán as the protagonist. He left after a brief exchange about Carlos “Chino” Zannini.

-LN: Are you going to ask for resignations? Is Zannini going to ask for the apartment?

-SC: In no way, the Treasury Attorney is a person classified as strategic personnel and his wife had a prevalent disease. It is clearly a totally legal vaccination.

-LN: You say, it has a strategic task. It is not more strategic than you and you are not vaccinated.

-SC: But there is an age issue, I am 41 and Carlos Zannini is over 60.

-LN: ¿Y?

-SC: It is evident that there is a specific situation that meets several requirements to be vaccinated. Strategic staff and for a matter of age.

-LN: Guzmán is younger than you and has been vaccinated.

-SC: Guzmán had to do a mission, which is a trip abroad, so he was vaccinated and all the people who were going to travel with him, were vaccinated to be immunized, Guzmán has to go to restructure and negotiate a debt with him IMF.

-RA: Goes with the head of social networks, goes with the director of international relations. Five people close to Guzmán were vaccinated: are you not going to ask them for explanations?

-SC: Those who were going to work in the mission were vaccinated.

-LN: the Treasury Attorney who can work from home, who can calmly do a home office, be at home and isolate himself, fulfills a strategic function and deserves the vaccine, but the Chief of Staff does not, because he is younger, but the Minister of Economy who is younger yes, because he is going abroad. It is difficult to know the criteria.

-SC: The objective criterion is that there is a strategic function outside the country, for example.

-LN: Your vice-chief traveled to Mexico and is not vaccinated

-SC: Yes …

-LN: So what is the criterion.

-SC: The Minister of Economy was not vaccinated for the trip to Mexico, he was vaccinated in January, to have the two doses, to arrive immunized in Washington.

-LN: The 30-something-year-old community manager too.

-SC: It is the team, the bubble with which the minister is going to move, it may seem to you that it is not adequate but it is like that.

The vaccine for Zannini and his wife

Another hot spot of the talk was Zannini himself. Novaresio questioned the criteria for his vaccination. “If we think that the rod of what is strategic personnel you are going to set it from the study, we are wrong,” the Chief of Staff crossed him.

-SC: The Procurator of the Treasury is strategic and the wife of the Procurator of the Treasury is a person who has a prevalent disease. That is why they were vaccinated.

-LN: Are all people with prevalent diseases going to be vaccinated?

-SC: They are going to be vaccinated …

-LN: But they were not. You are a smart guy and I deserve respect that you did not get vaccinated, but Zannini’s wife was vaccinated because she was Zannini’s wife, not because she had a prevalent disease.

-SC: Did the vaccine correspond or not?

-LN: No, not before the rest and much less in a VIP vaccination.

-SC: It’s not a … That is your invention, but it doesn’t matter. Zannini’s wife was given the vaccine because she has a prevalent disease, she plays a role in the State …

-LN: And Duhalde?

-SC: There you have unacceptable procedure and slippage; if we weren’t talking about that nothing happened and the President made the decision he made …

-LN: The current Minister of Health was the head of the national vaccination plan. He did not find out about this. Then he said that 10 people were vaccinated, today we already know 70 …

-SC: No, ten people vaccinated at the Ministry, don’t misrepresent.

-LN: There are only ten in the Ministry?

-SC: It’s what came up, it’s in yesterday’s report.

-LN: In the Ministry of Health there are only ten people vaccinated and nothing else?

-SC: On February 18, I am with the report here, there is that list of ten people, it is the only thing there is.

-LN: Until now.

-SC: A single day. I want to go back to this. there is a systemic approach and they are looking to find a systemic issue. A system. But there was no system. There was a specific issue that will merit a specific investigation, because it was only one day. At the Ministry of Health, ten people were vaccinated who should not have been vaccinated there.

-LN: Out of the strategic people, how many were vaccinated incorrectly today?

-SC: No, look, you have to check the list. You were doing an exercise related to that, you have enough intelligence to do it.

-LN: I appreciate the compliment, but I don’t have the information.

-SC: You have the list there. There are no more people. They are the Posadas …

-LN: And outside the Posadas?

-SC: I regret not continuing to enlarge the novel …

Carlos Zannini was vaccinated with his wife. Both as “health personnel”. Photo Juano Tesone.

-LN: I’m not enlarging the thing, Those who vaccinated outside the norm were you, Ginés, not me. When in doubt I have every reasonable right to ask if there are more.

-SC: There is an official documentation and you question the official documentation.

-LN: Appears after the scandal. If not, it would not have appeared.

“It’s stupid what you’re saying”

But perhaps one of the most tense moments of the interview was when Novaresio and Cafiero got together to debate the authorization of the Sputnik V vaccine.

-LN: The tweet from the vice president of “news” or “what good news” was published when she had already been vaccinated, before The Lancet published the report. So I say: “Let’s not mix one thing with the other.”

-SC: But Lancet does not authorize, what you’re saying is stupid, Luis./strong>.

-LN: It’s not a stupid thing.

-SC: But the Lancet does not authorize vaccines in the world, it is a scientific publication, it is like you telling me that a UBA journal has to say whether a vaccine works or not.

-LN: I’m going to let the stupid thing go by. But listen to me one thing, let me finish it. We all know that the publication gives a ceiling so that later the Organization of Europe and the United States approve it or not, or the ANMAT herself. But here in Argentina he was vaccinated before it had been approved.

-SC: Part of the smear campaign they did to the vaccine makes you say that stupid thing, Luis. Because it is not like that, the vaccine was authorized by ANMAT and the Ministry of Health, the two authorities.

-LN: Let’s use the eastern language. I am making a fool of myself, I am not part of a government that vaccinated outside the priority criteria. Between my stupidity and having given vaccines to friends, I’ll take the stupid thing.

-SC: Stay with what you want, I am not your psychologist, look at the level of discredit that they did, that an informed journalist like you commits the stupid thing that you have just committed.

-LN: Are second doses to be applied to incorrectly vaccinated people?

-SC: Of course, because it corresponds to them, later when the vaccination campaign gains volume.


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