The strong house 2020: «My dog, when he shits, has more intelligence than Tom»

There is trouble, and the fat ones. “It has been the most tense week in the contest so far,” Jorge Javier Vázquez warned with intrigue at the beginning of ‘La casa fuerte’. And it is that they go all against all and the expletives fly. To start Aurah, newcomer to the format, He collided heavily with Rebecca. The thing would not have gotten worse if they did not get into the battle Samira, Marta and Cristini. There the anger reached the limits of vulgarity and ‘compliments’ were heard such as: “Mamarracha, half man, liar, girl of the exorcist …”. Although the most intellectual came from Samira who called Marta “sedentary”, it is still not known why.

Then there are Tom and Sandra, whose relationship it comes and goes like the waves of the sea. The boy joked that his girl had a fragile heart and the aforementioned did not like the comment. “I can’t trust you,” she attacked him, half crying. And the one from Marrakech questioned: “If you don’t trust me, what are you doing with me then?” A question that sounded like a challenge. The couple does not quite come together and many do not bet on their longevity. But it is that, in addition, both have become the objective of the calm Mahi, who has shown that when she has to jump, she jumps. The girl learned that Tom had schemed against her and lunged like a Miura. “My dog ​​when he shits has more intelligence than Tom,” he came to say in a fit of madness. And the boy, between offended and joking, warned that the war was beginning. “If I was Bruce Willis, I’d carry them both,” threatened the wig addict.

More conflicts. It turns out that Aurah entered the contest very angry because she had caught her boyfriend, the soccer player Jesé, with another. Well, the one from Paris Saint-Germain called live to apologize and tell him that he was with her. The woman did not leave her astonishment, but not because of the apologies but because she agreed to participate in the program. And the thing ended without clarifying if they are together, separated or mid-pensioners. Amid all this mess, and while Aurah tried to listen to her boyfriend (or whatever), Marta fought with Asraf loudly. «Mr. Asraf de Borbón starts barking at me. To me, the biggest dog, “roared the Canary. We did not know very well what the anger was due to because Jorge Javier had another ‘ace’ up his sleeve. Antonio David Flores announced in ‘Save me’ that Isa Pantoja had an affair with Pavón at the Fuengirola Fair three years ago. The bullfighter, the daughter of the tonadillera and her boyfriend were checked. “I’ve never been to the Fuengirola Fair”, she commented, amazed. “Antonio David is a machine,” Asraf used to ironically. And Pavón also denied the story.

The end of the show was starred again by Isa and Asraf, although it was much more ‘light’ than they promised. Jorge Javier gave the young woman the video in which her boy put his family in broth. «I’ve been putting up with it for a long time, a lot of disrespect in public. I’m up to the dick. It’s family shit, ”Asraf said in the images. Then he excused himself by saying that when he gets hot he says things. But Chabelita did not react as expected, taking the issue away. “He is very insecure and on many occasions he feels inferior to me,” he defended. The presenter wanted to put weeds. “What will your family think when they hear it?” He asked. “After the one they got out there, this is nothing,” the young woman answered very calmly. And everyone to sleep that it was already after two in the morning.


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