the strong testimony of Andréa Mestre, HIV positive since she was 22, against prejudices about the virus



Video length: 3 min.

France 3

Article written by

C. Guyon, E. Maizy, P. Guény

France 3

France Televisions

Suffering from HIV, Andréa Mestre thought her life was collapsing, to the point of wanting to end her life. With advances in research, she received treatment that made her disease undetectable. She was able to build her life, and is now a fulfilled mother.

Andréa Mestre was 22 when her life changed. The young woman takes a screening test which she imagines without consequence, but the diagnosis is violent: she has the virus of Like. “When I learn the diagnosis it is a shock. It’s terrible to tell myself that at 22 I’m an HIV-positive woman, because I had this image of HIV-positive people who are rejected, who don’t live long, who are going to get sick. For me, my life ended there”, she remembers. Then begins a deep depression, until making a suicide attempt.

Mother of three HIV-negative girls

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