The student library will be home; SD College prepares separate study | The student library will be home; SD College

Answer: Library books by students during the Kovid period New test of the old SD College at home. Books can be accessed through the online system. Th. Required book for catalog students through Should be selected.

After that, transfer the information to [email protected] The book will be played at home. The NSS unit and the library at Itinai College have teamed up. ‘ Sanathana Library is also known as ‘Doorstep’. They are the NSS Unit Volunteers in College Books for the area were brought in two-wheelers Going. The same goes for repurchases. The booking period is 15 days. If this is not possible then you have the opportunity to renew online twice. മുണ്ട്. The library, which has a collection of 60,000 books, is open from 9.30 am to noon. It is 3.30 pm. Books on all subjects that aid study South Librarian Arun Kishore’s Most Choose ‘ He told the media.

There are 2200 children studying in the art gallery and using the library. There are only 1500 children. Good response when teachers and classmates come home with a book This is what the students got from the game. Dr. in Principe. P. R. Unni Krishna handed over books to Pillai Started from. Librarian Arun Kishore, NSA Program Officer Dr. A.S. Lakshmi and Neeta Prasad.


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