The summary secret was lifted in the case against Martín Cirio for pedophilia and it was learned what they found in the raid

Martin Cirio disappeared from the networks after the complaint of apology for pedophilia. Despite his absence of a month, the case continued in court and his department was raided, but everything was in summary secret … until now.

It was learned that two laptops, three cell phones and 89 pendrives were kidnapped from his home, as reported Alejandro Sarubbi Benítez, the attorney sponsoring a victim of abuse and who filed the complaint.

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“The summary of the case was lifted. The first search was carried out, and 2 computers, 3 cell phones and 89 storage units were seized ”, said Sarubbi Benitez And now the process of analyzing the content began.

They began to work as soon as they received the complaint, they requested the secrecy of summary and the raid that was carried out on November 2 in charge of Cybercrimes against Children, Children and Adolescents “, He told about the actions of the Justice.

The militancy of pedophilia denies reality itself. Only in very sick societies proliferate characters like the accused Martín Cirio and his followers “, explained about what he thinks about it all.

About what he wrote Candle In his networks, many times with photos of minors, for years the lawyer analyzed: “Not only are tweets of eight to ten years, there is information from 2010 to 2019. Although he claimed that it was someone else and so on, the reality is that the evidence in that sense is quite overwhelming. “

Candle He returned to the networks and assures that he is “devastated“With what is happening to him. He apologized and explained that there were other times when he was “he wanted to be funny”. Very concerned about his future, he incorporated medicines to calm his nerves.

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