The Sun: Haaland worries Guardiola before the Leicester match

The British newspaper, The Sun, reported that Manchester City’s top scorer, Erling Haaland, was injured, before the Leicester City match, which will take place next Saturday afternoon, within the accounts of the 14th round of the Premier League.

Halland was injured in the Borussia Dortmund match, which ended in a goalless draw, last Tuesday evening, so Pep Guardiola decided to leave the player between the two halves of the match.

And according to the newspaper “The Sun”, Haaland appeared “limp” while heading to the Manchester City Medical Center.

Doubts are swirling around Halland’s participation, especially after Pep Guardiola’s statement about pushing the 22-year-old, saying: “I don’t know now.”

Haaland participated in 16 games with Manchester City this season, in which he scored 22 goals and made three decisive goals.

Haaland leads the Premier League top scorer with 17 goals, while Harry Kane is second with 10 goals.

It is worth noting that Manchester City is currently in second place with 26 points, two points behind Arsenal, which is in first place from 11 games.

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