Entertainment The superb Harry Potter mod finally available in Minecraft

The superb Harry Potter mod finally available in Minecraft


It is a project simply dizzying which is finally accessible to the general public. After months of work, the faithful reproduction of the wizarding world of the Harry Potter saga is available in Minecraft.

Fans of the license created by J.K. Rowling will probably buy or immerse themselves in Minecraft right after reading this article. Indeed, The Floo Network has just announced the imminent launch of the Harry Potter mod made using the tools of Mojang’s game. It is indeed the final version and not a beta. The rendering is simply incredible because the wizarding world has been reproduced with impeccable fidelity.

Much more than a simple reproduction

First, users wishing to download the map can go to this address. It is completely free. In addition to the Hogwarts school, amateur designers have also modeled other emblematic places such as the Diagon Alley, the Terrier, the Ministry of Magic or Pré-au-Lard.

In addition to having the opportunity to walk freely in these enchanting settings, players can participate in many activities. We can for example play quidditch, fight monsters, cast spells or carry out quests and solve puzzles. In short, it’s almost a game in its own right that is offered in Minecraft Java Edition. Only the latter is compatible for the moment.

Download the mod Witchcraft and Wizardry without waiting !



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