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The surprise team that could turn the Kevin Durant soap opera upside down!

by archyde

More than ever after his last appointment with the Nets, Kevin Durant will leave the franchise in the coming months. When exactly ? Difficult to know, because the position of the leaders has not changed: it will take a mountain of assets to recover the star. If the Celtics or the Heat procrastinate too much, a surprise team could take advantage.

Unhappy with the Nets, Kevin Durant has already asked to leave the Big Apple twice. To tell the truth, it is above all the staff that makes him want to leave, with Steve Nash who is controversial as a coach, and Sean Marks who is debating in the front office. Nevertheless, and despite his ultimatum, KD shouldn’t get what he wants. Everything suggests that his trade is in progress, but it is impossible to know when it will take place.

The last meeting didn’t really change much. While there is a will for the Nets to find a trade, the demand remains the same in order to get the superstar back, a price no one wants to pay right now. The Celtics have the assets, however, with for example a Jaylen Brown, but nothing suggests that Brad Stevens is ready to make the effort. For a Western team, that’s another discussion.

A surprise franchise invites itself into the Kevin Durant soap opera

According to information from Kristian Windfield, beware of a Western organization in the soap opera KD: the Pelicans. After joining the playoffs last year, the franchise dreams of reaching a milestone, and why not win the title. There is no offer yet, but New Orleans has the means to give a rather interesting compensation, although very risky for the future in Louisiana.

The New Orleans Pelicans remain interested in a deal for Kevin Durant: “They can put together an intriguing package with All-Star Brandon Ingram, role players like Herbert Jones, Devonte Graham and Jose Alvarado and draft compensation. »

Lots of upside, but that’s what the Pelicans will have to let go of. The offer in question is interesting, although there will be doubts about the level of Ingram, which seems to have stagnated for some time now. For now, the Nets can find better on the market, especially since we can wonder if KD really wants to finish in New Orleans?

But KD isn’t interested in them, and all he needs to say is the same thing he explains to the Nets.

We can not say that the Pelicans are not ambitious, those who are eyeing Kevin Durant. Problem ? Their offer could greatly weaken the roster, while success is not certain to be there. We can also wonder if KD really wants to finish there.

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