The suspense thriller game “Death End Reincarnation 2” will be on the Switch platform “Death end re;Quest 2” this year

GSE announced that it was produced by the Japanese game company Idea Factory’s game brand Compile Heart, “Corpse Party“The father of “Qi Da Yuan Shen” is responsible for writing the mystery thriller RPG game “Trial of the End of Death(-Death end re;Quest 2-)” the latest work in the series “End of Death Trial of Reincarnation 2》, it is confirmed that it will be officially launched on the Nintendo Switch platform in 2021 and will be released in Asia at the same time.

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The tragedy of death woven by girls with more than 20 people

The game stage will be the same as the previous work “Trial of the End of Death“The reality chapter is the same world, describing in a fictional town “Ritzshwara” full of Southeast European colors, in the female dormitory “Walsworth” in the center of the town, the strange phenomenon of residents disappearing one after another. And the three girls who are also residents: Mai Higashiyama, Lotte, and Liliana, are also involved in this mysterious disappearance case step by step, and use the power of “Shui Li’s New Computer” and “Curse (Invasion)” to begin to confront “Ritswara” launched an investigation. In addition to the new lineup of characters, the characters from the previous games will also appear one after another! The death tragedy woven by girls of more than 20 people is about to unfold…

Game Features

  • The combat system adopts a “three-continuous action” system that executes three actions in one round

Each round chooses three action systems from “attack”, “items”, “defense” and “skills”. Through this system, players can achieve more strategic high-speed battles.

  • The “Knock-up Bug” that caused additional damage to the knock-up enemy carried by the previous game was upgraded to the “Super Knock-up Bug”

During a specific attack, pressing the button at the right time will trigger the “Super Knock-Up Bug” skill, which knocks the enemy into the air like a billiard ball. When the knocked-up enemy touches our character, press the button at the right time to knock the enemy further to the side of other enemies, causing a lot of damage to multiple enemies.

  • There are more than 30 people in the main character and the sub-character with full personality

Full voice of the characters on stage! A total of more than 12,000 recorded voices. At the same time, it is equipped with scene voices and camp events in which multiple characters start dialogues according to different situations.

Product Information

  • game name:”End of Death Trial of Reincarnation 2

  • The original name of the game: -Death end re;Quest 2-

  • Developer: Compile Heart

  • Asian release: Game Source Entertainment

  • Taiwan agent: Jiesdeng Co., Ltd.

  • Game type: role-playing game with suspense and thriller

  • Corresponding platform: Nintendo Switch

  • Release Date: Within 2021

  • Suggested Price: NT$1390/HK$368

  • Support subtitles: Traditional Chinese

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