The Swiss will be better protected against unwanted phone calls –

Customers need to be better protected against unwanted calls and high roaming charges. The revised telecommunications law will enter into force on January 1, 2021.

A first package of measures imposes an obligation on suppliers to combat all forms of unfair advertising, and no longer just unfair mass advertising. Calling someone without displaying their number is considered disloyal. As well as calling people who have indicated that they do not want to be disturbed.

With the revision, providers must offer at least two solutions, for example two filtering offers, to combat these calls. The first is managed by them and consumers can choose to enable or disable it. The other is managed by the clients themselves. They can decide to add numbers that do not fall under the law.

At any time, customers will be able to report cases of unfair advertising. The sending of messages and the establishment of communication must then be blocked. The users will also be able to get the caller data.

Better regulated roaming charges

At the same time, the revision of the telecommunications law aims to reduce roaming costs. Customers will now only pay for what they consume abroad. Calls will be billed per second instead of per minute, and data per kilobyte.

Providers will have the option of rounding up to the next 10 cents and charging minimum costs equivalent to a 30-second call to cover the costs of establishing the call. In the absence of information from foreign partners, they will be allowed to be less precise, but only by presenting justifications.

Customers will be able to set an upper limit for roaming costs and have the option of managing it in advance, either before each trip abroad or once and for all. Such measures will only be mandatory if the roaming costs are higher than a similar use in Switzerland.

Discounted options

They should also be offered roaming options at reduced rates. And consumers will be able to determine the beginning and the end. Suppliers may also not hinder offers from third parties abroad.

Also new: customers will only be able to use roaming services once they have been informed of their costs. Users, who cannot receive SMS for this purpose, will be blocked from accessing these services. They will have to unblock them themselves, and only after consulting information about it.

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