The Synpics calls for serenity and warns …

We have seen that the daily Les Echos is the target of all kinds of attacks manifested by phone calls, posts on social networks and even the publication and distribution of the photo of its Publication Director.

The daily newspaper first published information on an alleged rape complaint against the person of a massage parlor employee by a politician, a member of the national assembly.

These practices to try to intimidate journalists are from another world and could not prosper, the journalist having a Universally recognized and globally protected Freedom, to inform the public according to ethical rules which have ended to be tested.

The Synpics follows with great interest the developments of this case in that it now seems not to oppose the accuser and the accused, but to constitute a pretext for some, to try to discredit the Senegalese press by any means. , including through verbal and / or physical violence.

The Synpics welcomes the promptness with which police surveillance has been put in place to prevent any unfortunate act at the headquarters of the newspaper Les Echos. The publication was recently the victim of the ransacking of its premises following a press article.

To all those, extremists of all stripes, who think that the press must be on their side, or that the duty to inform is only valid when the target is an adversary, we recall that the Freedom of the Press has no political, religious, social or economic color.

The journalist has only one constraint: check the information, crosscheck it, if necessary contact the accused (s) to obtain their opinion, and publish if he considers the report credible and of certain interest for the journalist. public.

Beyond that, no obligation, except that of measuring the social responsibility of its publications (a responsibility of the individual rest), does not hold it.

Freedom of expression, freedom of the press and the protection of journalists are in our context a global issue. Their promotion and protection, which for many years required the connection of the organizations responsible for it in their respective countries and which have already made many victims, all activists for Freedom, cannot give way because the supporters of any social group wants it.

Today no State, no pressure group of whatever nature, can contain, by any means whatsoever, the right of the public to have access to pluralistic information. This right is not only constitutional, it is also and above all Universal.

The world press has enough resources and relays so that, especially in organized countries, no gravedigger of these freedoms, including pseudo activists, starlets of their YouTube channels, can escape criminal prosecution, if necessary. , if they are guilty of calling for violence against journalists.

Of course, journalists themselves are not outside the scope of the Law since they are also litigants and cannot escape the complaint of citizens injured by their production.

The Synpics calls for serenity and a sense of responsibility for all.

Done in Dakar, this February 7, 2021
For the National Executive Board
The Secretary General


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