The system who married me for the second time – Imad Al-Din Hussein

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My eldest son, Iyad, went to the civil registry to obtain a family registration certificate proving that he is my only male son, so that he can obtain a certificate of temporary exemption from military service.
In the branch of the Sayeda Zainab department, they asked him to obtain the mechanized marriage certificate for his father and mother.
In short, he went to the Civil Status Authority, with its main branch in Abbasiya Square.
The staff and officials there were very polite and polite.
When one of the employees opened the computer, the surprise was. My son called me, saying: Papa, are you married, a second wife other than my mother? I laughed and said to him, “Brother, I wish I was thinking, but I am not married, so why do you ask this strange question?”
He told me because the official papers in the civil registry say that you are married to a woman named “A. Abdul Jalil.” The employee tells me that your father must bring papers proving that he has no other children from the second wife, or his divorce document from her!
I did not believe what my son was saying, and I thought that my son was joking, making a prank with me.
In these difficult moments, I was thinking about my wife’s reaction to this news, especially as I always tell my friends and my wife, that I am the most loyal person to her not only in Egypt but in the entire region!!
Fortunately, less than a minute after this shock, my son told me, the papers also say that my wife is married to another man who works as a mechanic.
At this moment I laughed so hard, though I couldn’t believe what was happening, and I still thought the whole thing was just a joke, but the employee clearly said that these are the papers in the system. In order for the family registration certificate to be issued, I must divorce the second wife, and my wife requests a divorce from her mechanic husband.
My broken-hearted son returned home, and I began the journey of searching for the marriage certificate among hundreds of papers in cartons covered with dust.
After a long search, I found a copy of the document issued by the Ismailia Court, proving that I was married to Nihal Lotfy Hamed on June 16, 2000, and my official data in the civil registry computer says that I am married to Nihal Lotfy, and I have four children, and the national number of my wife It is proven that I am her husband!!
The funny thing is that one of the journalist colleagues who covers the activities of the Civil Registry Authority, and I had asked him to help my son quickly finish the papers, and when he found out what happened, he felt embarrassed to contact me, considering that I was already secretly married to a second wife, and he did not want to embarrass me, so he called a friend A subscriber works as the editor-in-chief of a newspaper and an important news site.
The friend called me laughing, and said that So-and-so was embarrassing me, and on that day I knew that the same editor-in-chief friend faced a major problem because his name was written wrongly in the marriage document, so that the name was changed from male to female.
In order to complete the absurd picture, I was surprised by my younger brother Baha calling me the next day and telling me that he wanted to obtain a family registration certificate as well, but he discovered that there was an error in the third name of his grandmother of his children, and the solution was to file a lawsuit before the competent court to correct the name.
The important thing is that when my son went with a copy of the marriage certificate, they asked him to bring the original document, which was lost in the middle of the papers.
Question: How did it all happen?
It is most likely that one of the junior employees, when he was carrying out the process of mechanization, and transferring data from certificates and paper documents, made a mistake in the name, and instead of writing my wife’s real name, he probably wrote the name of a wife from the following certificate. The civil registry automates birth certificates and documents and everything related to citizens’ transactions, and personally I was able to obtain birth certificates for me, my children, and my wife more than once in a few minutes.
But the problem is that there are individual errors, which make unfortunate people like me spin around and waste a lot of time on strange journeys in search of correcting a name or a wrong letter in a certificate or document.
I hope that there will be a solution in the Civil Status Authority for such errors, the size of which I do not know, but it is enough to destroy many homes just because of a mistake in just a letter in one of the names!!

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